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I have been having fun playing around with hairstyles recently! I LOVE adding a new one to my routine because usually over time I forget what I used to do and I’m left with a plain ponytail or boring straight DOWN! I loveee FUN HAIR but I also love EASY hair!



for the above picture I followed this tutorial. I have done this style a few times but I think this one came out the best Smile PERFECT POOF!IMG_4038

Love the simplicity and EASE of this one! a frenchy down the side! and nothing on the other. Love the off balnceness of it.


Love the simple poof pony but it doenst look as cute without the waves! I like the frizz it adds some character Smile I used to HATE frizz, but I learned it can be done correctly


Single sideways FRENCY! My Reverse Katniss, I do an inside out to feel like im going to WIN THE GAMES Winking smile 


Tutorial for the above chignon!  Quick and easy! Stayed in pretty well too!


My few favorite is sleeping in a french braid, (BUT hair must be dry before braiding or its crazy and damp in the morning!)  and having these perfect waves the next morning!


FUN BOW and sooo much EASIER then I thought.  This was taken on my first try, I have gotten a little better at it, the smaller the bow the cuter in my opinion.

I am searching for more fun ideas, if you have any please share, or when I try out some more I will share with you Smile

4 thoughts on “Hair FUN

  1. Regina

    I love the wavy poof pony!! I have naturally curly hair so I’m sure that one would be great once the babe is born and I have zero time to mess with my hair :)

    1. banksyface Post author

      I bet it would be perfect! BTW I cannot wait to see a picture of your gorgeous kid! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  2. Jessie

    Love all the different hairstyles. I’m absolutely terrible @ styling my own hair. Are they difficult to do?

    1. banksyface Post author

      Thanks!! I used to be pretty awful myself. I started watching tutorials a while ago and looking at lots of hair pictures on pinterest and trying them all out! Sometimes they look good on the first try, others take me SEVERAL times to get it right but I have fun with it!


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