Positivity Streak

Today I had a motto:
Let me put you in my frame of mind for a second…. Last night I was laying in bed before falling asleep in a depressed and sad mood. FOR NO REASON other then the fact that it was Sunday night..
I told myself NO MATTER WHAT I was going to have a good day today.
I have been struggling with getting through the work week all month
Thank God for weekends off, seriously.

being better.jpg
I am the type of person who absorbs the energy around me.
If I am surrounded my Negativity.. I become negative.. Happy people.. I AM HAPPY! Of course I have my own feelsings too but others energy absolutely affects me.
I was not going to let anyone ruin my monday
ALL DAY I refused to let anyone bring me down.. I faked it until i MADE IT!
Its 6:30 pm and I am finally happy and in a good mood and NOT FAKING it


Here’s to an EVEN BETTER DAY TOMORROW!!! I think I am going to go for a positivity streak.. WHOS WITH ME?!

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