Three Meals

Meal 1: Last nights dinner. Jessica’s Roasted Grape, goat cheese and honey stuffed sweet potato! Which is by the way AWESOME! Roasting grapes may be the best idea ever! While I did a miz of red and green because thats what I had… if you want it to look prettier.. go all red! 😉 I love goat cheese.. I also had this amazing raw honey my future mother in law gave me for christmas which was FANTASTIC!




Meal 2: Ashley’s Banana cinnamon buckwheat bake Delicious and FULL of protein! Fueled my workout this morning! Day 18 of the live fit trainer! LEGS! GO PROTEIN!



Meal 3: Todays lunch! A perfect TO GO yogurt bowl! I bought this container for 5$ at TJ maxx to bring my salads to work. Today I realized it also makes a PERFCT yogurt container! I dont like to mix it all together and then let it sit in a container before I eat it because everything gets MUSHY!…..

Layer1: fage with strawberries


Layer 2: black berries, blueberries, peanut butter and raw oats!


layer 3 ALL ENCLOSED and separated!


Have you had any good meals lately!?

3 thoughts on “Three Meals

  1. Ashley

    Okay, I definitely need to make Jessica’s recipe!! So glad you liked the bake and yay for Live Fit! I’m in week 7 and it’s intense!


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