Food Tasting!

Today we had an appointment to do a food tasting at The Breakers ( WHERE WE ARE GETTING MARRIED 5 MONTHS FROM TODAY!!!!)

IT WAS BITTER COLD and being right on the ocean didn’t make it any warmer!

I am not sure WHAT I was expecting but it was fancier then I thought!

We were seating right in the front dining room facing the ocean. Our reception room is on the other side of the building with one wall facing the ocean :)

We started with hot lemon tea and then we were brought a platter of some hot antipasto


Clams, Shrimp, stuffed mushrooms and eggplant rollatini

Apparently they missed the part about me being a vegetarian. I was happy to have my mom and Scott there for me to sample everything.

I was able to try the mushrooms and the BREAD.. ohh the bread.. it was SO GOOD!




There was pizza bread too.. which i devoured..

I pretty much ate the whole loaf, piece by piece!

NEXT UP.. They brought us the salmon and the chicken Frances



I expertly judges the mashed potatoes


mmmmm so goooooood

I just contnured to eat bread and potatoes while my Mom and Scott tested the meat…



The census:

Clams: “ok” not for me.. we probably wont go with them

Shrimp: thumbs up

Mushrooms: to much tomato flavor .. not bad but I didn’t love them

Eggplant Rollatini : SO GOOD, light airy, perfection.. it is made with prosciutto but we are going to have it made without for the wedding so I can try it

BREAD: alll thumbs up in all directions.. very important stuff right here. Soft and warm on the inside, crusty on the outside. FRESH BAKED!

Chicken: too lemony but moist and good

Salmon: Both of them HATE fish but said it was good and went back for 2nds and 3rds… I think thats a GOOD sign!



After the food we asked to see some of the rooms because we had never ben upstairs.

The ceremony is outside on their wrap around porch, cocktail hour is also outside. The reception is in the ball room and it is ALSO a hotel.. keeping it all in one place has seemed excellent so far


View from upstairs :)

We headed back to the ballroom to check it out one more time

Last time we were there it was set up for a conference, so it was nice to see it set up for a wedding this time!





<– beach view




Where the ceremony will be held!


We got a lot done, asked a lot of questions…

5 more months!


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