WIAW: single lady cupcake

Happy Wednesday…

you know what that means


lets get to it shall we


Bagel thin/ egg white / morning star sausage patty / melted cheese / side of strawberries





Green Monsta

alomond milk / spinach / chocolate protein powder / strawberries / cherries / banana

My smoothie’s are just to much for ONE cup


Work Snacks:


Dinner :

Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole



I completed day 10 of Jamie Eason’s Liv Fit. I must say I am actually enjoying taking a break from cardio and loving weights BUT I feel like I should be running! I am so used to cardio that it just feels WEIRD, but maybe good?


Last night I wanted something sweet, I wanted something easy and I didnt know what to do.


I made this STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE FOR ONE! mmmm I am not going to lie, I didnt expect it to be as amazing as it was! I was SO happy to eat ONE cupcake!


Isnt she CUTE


I am not going to lie, I will probably make every single one of Katies SINGLE LADY recipes and then make them over and over again! I may not be a SINGLE lady, but I tend to bake for one :)


hmmm, i think ill go make one NOW! :)


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One Response to WIAW: single lady cupcake

  1. Jessica says:

    The cupcake looks delicious! I love the idea of only making one!

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