Pancake Sunday

Scott usually works EVERY weekend all weekend. Its almost a miracle when he gets a saturday or a sunday off.
There is a new person making his schedule at work and he now has ONE weekend day off EVERY WEEK!
Its like a present to ME! :)
We have officially started a new tradition in our house ( an old tradition to many others)
Noowwww… for the past few years I have either made pancakes from scratch or I buy a whole wheat something or other like this:
I need to be honest.. IT JUST NOT THE SAME!
Now that one of scott’s resolutions was to stop eating fast food we have been grocery shopping together.
ENTER the classic, what we grew up on, nothing will ever replace it pancakes
Thank you Aunt Jemima for always being delicious!
Last Sunday:
This Sunday:
Not only to I get to share another meal with my Fiance’ but its PANCAKES! :)

3 thoughts on “Pancake Sunday

  1. Maria

    Isn’t it funny, I grew up having Bisquick pancakes and nothing taste as good to me as them. Love your new tradition!


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