Mama Pea’s No Bake Cookies

In Edition to the two delicious cookies I baked yesterday….TODAY I was looking for a new cookie to make and I came across Mama Pea’s No Bake Snowball Cookies .They are VERY similar to a christmas cookie I usually make but I was in the mood to change it up!

They were quick and DELICIOUS!


I ate a lot of dough.. which is essentially the cookies anyway because they are no bake sooo I GUESS I ate a bunch of cookies :)




My coworkers are going to be SO happy tomorrow :)


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One Response to Mama Pea’s No Bake Cookies

  1. ooo yum! my mom and I make “rum balls” with crushed oreos and rum, then doused in powdered sugar. I put too much rum in them last year. haha.

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