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WIAW Iphone style

What I ate Wednesday : Iphone edition!




Cereal : Raisin Honey Bunches of Oats, Honey go lean crisp, Vanilla Almond milk.


Greek Yogurt, half of a banana, pumpkin butter, peanut butter, last pieces of pumpkin bundt cake, honey bunches of oats, maple syrup


Pumpkin Bagel, Earth Balance, 1 egg, Mozzarella


Raspberries, “healthy” cheese puff things that are amazing, Pretzels.

Todays Conclusion: I SNACK WAY TO MUCH AT WORK! I get hungry and I start snacking on all the crap we have there and then regret it! I feel like I have never snacked so much in my life! I was talking to a friend at work about it, we decided to start picking up veggies and sharing! I will HAPPILY snack on carrots and broccoli over processed sugar and carbs 😉


On a non food note: Our engagement shoot is a week from today. While I FINALLY have an outfit, I am currently playing with hair styles..

Today’s Trial: Half up with low loose curls.

Image-39.jpg Image-38.jpg


While I am happy to say I am in good spirits today… I saw this on my fridge today and I wanted to share it.

I wrote on a post it while I was working at my last and AWFUL job, I was crying daily and always upset.

I dint know where I saw the quote but I wrote it down to make me remember being miserable all the time isn’t worth it! I needed to take charge! Which I did!

Now when I have random ” down” days I see this and it helps!!