Daily Archives: September 29


Today marked a very important day in training for my SECOND half marathon.

Today, was my LAST RUN before the big day!


My next 2 days are easy peesy! REST DAYS 😀


It has been a WONDERFUL 9 weeks of training. I did not miss A SINGLE workout. There were a few weeks where I had to change days around but other then that I was able to accomplish every run, rest and strength training day.

While I was training for my FIRST HALF MARATHON, I was working 14 hour shifts and was crazy tired and stressed. I did double run days and had to skip strength training all together.


I am working on getting my outfit and gear together and staying HYDRATED!

Running a race in the fall is a funny thing. Is it going to be hot? is it going to be cold? Do i wear a T shirt? is it to hot for long sleeves.

Current dillema: I don’t want to FREEZE but I dont want to DIE OF HEAT either….

Sundays race starts at 8am. The day has a high of 62 and a low of 48. I had planned on wearing a running skirt and a t shirt. I am going up and down on whether or not that will be appropriate for the weather…. THOUGHTS?!?!