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What i ATE



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1/3 oats cooked in almond milk with PUMPKIN peanut butter banana and trail mix :) so FILLING, I couldn’t finish it 😉


AFRICAN SWEET POTATO and PEANUT STEW :) A coworker gave me this recipe that she got from a vegan book in the library! The book is called Vegan Planet, its on page 302! Its very filling and delicious and its PERFECT for the fall and winter!


Lasagna: MADE by SCOTT! (This is HUGE for him!)


Animal Crackers, Strawberries


So much good food!

It was SO nice to have 3 hot meals today! SCOTT cooked me dinnner! He made his VERY VERY first LASAGNA! It was DELICIOUS and i’m so proud of him :)




Yesterday I did 100 squats IN A ROW and 100 lunges, IN A ROW.. Today, Walking, sitting and standing are ALL presenting to be excruciating. I had a 30 minute tempo run scheduled, my 2nd to last training run before Sundays HALF MARATHON!

I was worried if I would be able to run because I could barely walk but I made it happen. I had to start at a walk, progress to a speed walk and finally ended running. After about 15 minutes, the pain was almost gone and I was able to hold a steady pace but as soon as I got off I was in pain again! I only made it 2.5 miles but I’m proud of that!