Daily Archives: September 16

The light of my life

Usually there would be a paragraph about how much I love scott under that title… however, in the pictures below you will soon see why it is not scott…







baby girl ripped her nail up last week and has been licking and licking 24/7 so I brought her to the vet yesterday to make sure it wasnt infected. They werent able to take the nail off so she was put in the CONE OF SHAME… she is on antibiotics and has become QUITE the female dog! She is SOOO MOOODY in the lampshade!

Not sure how long she is going to make it in there!!!

___ Life update::

Yesterday I ran 11 miles in 2 hours… today I ran 5 miles in 57 minutes (TODAY WAS A ROUGH RUN!)

My Beautiful little sister is getting MARRIED TOMORROW!!! My parents are on there way down and in just a few short hours I will be on my way to the hotel to let the wedding festivities begin! Ill be checking in when I can as I am the Maid of Honor and have LOTS to do 😉