Daily Archives: August 30

Best Case… E V E R

I got probably the best iphone case EVER today!!!! I saw it online randomly last week and HAD to have it! My current case was breaking so it came at a perfect time…


I mean seriously! COMON! aweeesommmeee :) ITS WOOD! :) I bought it from photojojo because it was a full 20$ cheaper then anywhere else!

Besides getting this awesome case in the mail.. some other good parts of my day:

My Egg salad sandwich that I made for lunch. I called Scott from work ( he was off) I told him how to boil me eggs so they would be ready when I got home. THEY WERE perfect.


After work I came home and made some frozen pancakes from my freezer. I didnt know which batch they were until I took a bite.. turns out they were Peanut butter pancakes. I topped them with mango butter, maple syrup and blueberries


I ran 4.5 miles while catching up with the drama of jersey shore.

Milo watched me the whole time and looked really worry like I was going to run away!