The Earthquake I didn’t know was happeneing.

I am finally starting to return to NORMAL! The business of planning the cupcakes, Bachelorette party and bridal shower are behind me!


I took Monday off from anything blog related. I also don’t think I took a single picture the whole day! That has not happened in years! Even if I don’t bust out the DSLR, I ALWAYS at least take iphone pictures!

I worked and slept, I took a day off from my training plan to recover and was thankful I did because I think it was exactly what my body needed!

Tuesday (Yesterday) was like my weekend. I only worked in the morning from 9-3 then I ran errands that I couldn’t do this weekend, and NOW my TO DO LIST is almost at ZERO

A little before I left work, I went with a coworker to staples to get some supplies.

I was oblivious to my surroundings as I was looking at USB flash drives I heard someone says something about a earthquake, and then another person and then Scott text me “Did you feel the earthquake!?” I was like HUH! I asked he girl in line about an earth quake and she just said ” yea, it JUST HAPPENED did you feel it, everything was shaking!”

Apparently I was in LALA land! We drive back to work and the girl there said the chairs were violently shaking and the file cabinets were swaying!

CRAZY! I missed the NJ earthquake! HA

It’s scary to think that I would have to worry about earthquakes on the east coast! I here we have a hurricane headed our way this weekend.. AWESOME

After work I FINALLY got a haircut! Picture to come. I just trimmed an inch and got some long layers for DEPTH! I plan on dying it a chocolaty brown before the wedding!

I ran 4.5 miles and then did 15 minutes of weights.

It was great to finally accomplish some things!


Today (wednesday) I got in a 4 mile run before work (8X400’s)

Today I have started to snack less, eat more great and less sugar, until my sisters wedding. The dress is SLIGHTLY Snug in the stomach region so I want to feel more comfortable.. less sugar=happy belly!


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