The weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.


I had to start my day with a smoothie… this time I added some chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla ( I finally bought some at whole foods after running out last month) to my cherries, banana and almond milk :)


My boss once again proved to be AMAZING and brought me ANOTHER salad! YAY for salads 2 days in a row, they just taste SO MUCH BETTER NOT MADE AT HOME and im way to lazy to get food myself!


I paired it with some veggie soup and the most amazing bread on the planet obviously…


I saw Amy bought these via instagram 😉 which i cannot help but be obsessed with… that is the pretzels AND instagram of course!

The first flavor I got was BUTTER.. seriously, what can go wrong with BUTTER!?!?! then the cinnamon and raisin chimed in as I chewed! PERFECTION.. I had to put them away before eating the whole bag.. I even bought a 2nd bag to bring to work with me!! I’m going to get myself into trouble


I was ready for dinner by 4:20.. yea.. I usually have a rule where I cannot EAT dinner before 5.. dont ask me why.. I think it stems from my calorie counting days and my 5 o’clock on the dot dinner time I gave myself… Something deep inside of me craved pancakes… not boeing REGULAR delicious ones! SO, I turned to one of my favorite blogs and Found me a recipe for Peanut butter and Jelly Pancakes!

The “jelly” was AWEEESOMMMEEEEEEE i used the ingridents Jessica suggested BUT didn’t measure, I threw in strawberries, blueberries, water, strawberry jam and maple syrup and pretty much drank whatever I didnt eat.. SO AWESOME!! Make this for anything and everything!



Oh drippy peanut butter, you improve the quality of my life!!


Post food coma sprawling out!


I eventually took it outside to enjoy the beautiful day while catching up on my audio book!


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