Daily Archives: August 7

Veggie Macaroni and Goat Cheese Pasta



Flowers really brighten up my kitchen when I do decide to buy them! However, I only ever remember when i go to Trader Joes. They last forever! 😉

This mornings breakfast was similar to yesterdays except instead of strawberries I had a banana with PB to go along with my cinnamon raisin bread.



Even-though i got close to 9 hours of sleep last night, I was exhausted allll dayyy longgggg! Maybe it had something to do with yesterday run? I was extremely lazy for a majority of the day.

I laid around on the couch before talking myself into a workout


Today I started the 2nd phase of the 6 week bikini workout I started on a whim right before vacation. I was ready for some new workouts. I have been alternating 2 30ish minute workouts the last 3 weeks.

Not only did I change up the workout but I changed the weights!

I went out and bought 15lb dumbells and gave them a try today! EVERYTHING was so much tougher but I could still life the weight without destroying my form! YAY HEAVY WEIGHTS.. maybe ill be up to 20 lbs next year! Big step from the 3lb dumbbells I used to use!!


Phase 2 workout A took me about 42 minutes this time around and I was OUT OF BREATH AND SWEATY! Im anticipating some hardcore sore body feelings going on tomorrow! Im FULLY ok with that!

I refueled with lunch.

Toasted potato bread

fresh ricotta

raspberry jam


grapes on the side

I didnt know if this sandwich would work or not but it was AWESOME!! The jam made the ricotta sweet and everything went together beautifully! Very refreshing!



Post sweat there was a whole lot of nothing taking place. I watched a lot of “Say yes to the dress” and “bridezillas” I did some shower/bachelorette THINKING before the yummy wanted dinner.

Vegetable Macaroni and Goat cheese= AWESOME

I cooked up some whole wheat pasta. While it was boiling I sauteed some of the chopped veggies in coconut spread. When the noodles were done and the veggies were soft I combined them with some basil hummus! then a few chunks of goat cheese and put it in the oven at 350* for 15 minutes!!





The hummus was an awesome touch! The white bean and basil really made it flavorful!


Im off to spend the rest of the night with these guys, back to the grind tomorrow!