Maid of Honor Shoes

My sister is getting married in less then 2 months!


We have our dresses already and we have been given a shoe COLOR.

We are allowed to choose our own as long as they are Champagne colored.

OK, I thought it would be easy enough to find a shoe I like and would re wear in Champagne.

WRONG, turns out every shoe in champagne looker cuter in black.. go figure!

I have found a few options, none that I am in love with, all will do.


The short heel. 2.5″ I am TALL, so TALL heels make me a giant. Even though all shoes are automatically ” hotter” and “cueter” with a taller heel in my opinion, these would keep me at a comfortable height. I feel socially awkward when Im a foot taller then everyone else.

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

The semi cuter shoe ( in my opinion) with a little bit more height. 3″ heel

Picture 3.png

Picture 4.png

The cute and even TALLER heel 3.5″ ( I tried these on in a store and they were comfy and cute, but CUTER in black!)

Picture 5.png

The Shoes I tried on at DSW last week. I cant seem to find them online anymore :( but I think they also had a 3.5″ heel (ABSOLUTE MAX!)


A 3.25″ dyeable shoe.

Picture 6.png

and FINALLY another 2.5″ er

Picture 7.png

I honestly have no idea which one to get. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some imput.. so PLEASE tell me which one you like best or think I should wear! :)

Honestly, none of these are my style shoe.

THESE are my favorite shoes in the WHOLE world! I bought them last year to wear to a wedding. They are INSANELY comfy and I think they are INSALY adorable!!!

OH, how I wish we could wear black shoes to the wedding!

Picture 8.png

Picture 9.png



In other news, after doing a 35 minute strength workout, I made red velvet waffles for dinner and TOTALLY topped them with red velvet ice cream.





Well, looks like my vacation is finally coming to a close :(

Back to the real world tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Maid of Honor Shoes

  1. bhealthy

    omg! I love the first pair honestly, the 2.5 inch is such a great in between- you can dance much easier in them and those are the cutest!

    omg- i had a red velvet doughnut this morning- AMAZING!!!!! I can’t wait to post about it.

    back to real world for me too- i had an extra vaca day today. i can sympathize!

    1. banksyface Post author

      awesome! Thanks for your opinion and you have a valid point about a great in between height because i’m not a fan of super tiny kitten heels and and i just CANT do the 4 inch heels!

      red velvet anything= <3 I will HAVE to make some donuts!

      going back to work after vacation is HARD!


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