batter: its whats for dinner.

THESE were a BIG HIT yesterday



Scott devoured them bite by bite. Which NEVER happens in this house. I usually have to shove them down his throat. He eats one and the rest rot on his desk. Wonderful picture I know.


I made these for a my friend/coworkers birthday. Its next week while I am away so I wanted her to know I love her! These little beauties were accompanied by 3 balloons a card and sally hansen nail stickers 😀

I ate a supa FRESH sando yesterday

oatmeal bread, GUAC, hummus, spinach and MOZZAARELLA



Oh and I enjoyed copious amount of batter for dinner, which directly led into a sugar coma/headache.. JOYYOUSS BATTER


A friend came over who I haven’t seen in a while. She stayed for a few hours which we talked about some serious stuff, got caught up and hugged it out :)

I still managed to squeeze in my workout at 10 pm

40 minute bike ride which resulted in almost zero sweat..crap!


oh boy…


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