Foot Massage

Scott is giving me the first foot massage he has ever given me RIGHT NOW!

my arches are KILLINGGGG MEEEE!! I dont know what specifically caused the pain but I know its from warrior dash.

Old bad shoes, running on rocks? not sure but they sure do hurt!!

I woke up this morning to my dogs whining at the top of the steps.

They continued to whine for 40 minutes until I got up

I got ready for work early and made myself some breakfast

I got boring with cereal, I had NO desire for oatmeal because the house was warm


I went to work i munched on an apple and some blueberries

I stayed late at work and then ran some errands.

I dropped off my bike to get a TUNE UP!

I finally got to the grocery store

went to the bank


When i got home it was after 4 and I needed lunch.

While I assembled my lunch I snacked on some cinnamon stacys pita chips.. oh my goodness YUM!

Lunch was a quick yogurt bowl with granola, fruit, agave, coconut and peanut butter



I did some chores around the house, laundry and putting roomba to work 😉

Then i got my workout on

I did workout #1 from Summer shape up followed by 20 minutes of walkimg at 3.5 mph on a 10% incline.

I grabbed an amaze ball and headed to yoga



Tonight was the last class of the yoga series I signed up for. So now I need to find a new studio because the friend who taught me in moving to colorado next week!

So awesome for her!

Its after 10 and I havent had dinner so Im off to go fill my belly, relax a bit and start over again.. GOODNIGHT

One thought on “Foot Massage

  1. bhealthy

    ooo amaze balls huh?

    It sounds like a busy day!! bummer about your friend moving- that happened to me with the yoga studio i was at too! I am in search of a new one as well!


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