Hi guys!

Its been a pretty good monday for me :)

I started out my day with some simple banana almond butter oats and coffee

When I came home for lunch I made a VERY GOOD one egg and FAUX maple sausage ( which i forgot how much I LOVE!) with mexican cheese and spinach wrap with fruit on the side

I went back to work and got some wonderful news… I got a raise! YAY It came out of nowhere an I was so happy to be recognized for all the hard work I have been putting in! AWEEESOMMMEEEEEEE

When I left work I did some shopping…. This weekend we are celebrating my sisters birthday, her fiance’s birthday, my parents anniversary and Scott and My anniversary!

I came home and Scott had ordered us chinese.  I had my usual… brown rice, steamed mixed veggies with Tofu and brown sauce on the side.

I got in a 40 minute bike ride which I was NOT feeling at all in the beginning but felt great a few minutes in 😀 WIN!

Im wiped and need some couch time!


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