Today I truly pampered myself… SPONTANEOUSLY! Before we get to that lets take care of breakfast and lunch


Oats with Banana, almond butter, blueberries and sprinkles

I headed into work and went PREPARED with a packed lunch! A roll with Hummus, spinach and mozzarella with a flavorful Pink Lady Apple on the side

ENTER PAMPERING! I decided to go get my first PEDICURE of the season! While I was there I also allowed them to give me a manicure ūüėČ

As this was happening I decided to do something EVEN BETTER.. so I made a phone call and 1 hour later…

I got a MASSAGE! I am a member at massage envy and I have a few massages in queue so I took advantage of one of those today.. already paid for… totally relaxed.. CHECK!


I am SO glad I was able to take today and give myself a BREAK! I have been so incredibly busy.. GO GO GO for DAYS, if not WEEKS! I stayed relaxed for about 25 minutes.  SLow people and barking dogs made me impatient and I caught myself stressing out but I STOPPED myself and moved on :)

I made dinner when I got home. ¬†Spinach with a hard boiled egg. ¬†Steamed cauliflower, a pickle and the BEST PART, whole wheat ciabatta with earth balance… TOASTED.. gahhhhh

so gooooooood!

I got a nice and sweaty 35 minute bike ride in and then worked on THESE GUYS

JUST ABOUT DONE! Thankkkfullyy I have been working on them for weeks slowly and Im ready to just get them delivered and over with on saturday!

I think its time to relax for an hour or so and then hit the sheets, GOODNIGHT!

One thought on “Pamper

  1. Amy

    what a wonderful day of pampering…you totally deserve it!! i was just thinking that I am in desperate need of a massage…i know we have massage envys in Raleigh…so I’ll have to look into that!


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