May 9, 2011

Hi Friends! I know I went MIA yesterday but I was just so so so busy this weekend!  I did do a cute photo shoot with a friends 3 month old french bulldog so I will share some of her utter cuteness with you soon!

Lately I have noticed how TIRED I am!  I feel like its been taking me twice as long to wake up in the morning.  Im noticing a 3 PM CRASH and im so exhausted at night i can barely keep my eyes open past 10! I have been getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night ( normal for me) I have been working out but no more then usual!

I have finally decided MAYBE I am just not getting enough protein! SO as of this morning I have been making sure to get in some extra protein with each meal!



I ran 4 miles in 38 minutes before breakfast .

I came home from work for lunch and made a SMOOOOTHIE

The usual suspects

I also had a handful of honey bunches of oats straight from the box!

We spent some family time outside

what a happy and handsome boy!!!

I got out of work pretty lte and rushed home to make dinner because I was STARVING!

I through together the fastest thing I could think of.

A roll with hummus, spinach and mozzarella… with a ton of grapes on the side

mmm now i’m satisfied!!

Tonight I NEED to do NOTHING.  Lay on my couch and or bed and just LAY. No fondant molding, nothing! Just lay, watching tv, surf the web aimlessly. ahhh a dream!

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