12.5 miler and TJ’S!

Yep, to tired to think of a better title then that!

Another WONDERFUL bike ride under my belt!

A lot chillier and cloudier then last time but still WONDERFUL! We peddled hard and covered about 12.5 miles in just over an hour! Our next mission is 20 miles! WONDERFUL! I got my heart rate up a lot more this time around and was definitely breathing heavy… LOVE

After our wonderful ride, we stopped at TRADER JOES!!!!!!

The Goods:

A little closer now

My beautiful find to brighten up the house a little

and I was even able to grab the BEST CHEESE EVER before I ran out of my current one!!

BLUEBERRY VANILLA GOAT CHEESE, I cannot live without this, I SWEAR

And thankfully I remembered to pick up the peanut butter cream cheese this time! Cannot wait to try it out!!

We were out late so we ordered a pizza and picked it up on the way back to Min’s house


My serving with some of their house salad (green, craisins, goat cheese, cucumbers, balsamic dressing)

I also snacked on a few jelly beans and hershey kisses!

We hung out on the couch watching crazy tv shows with her boyfriend and did someonline shopping. I did some damage but ordered some WONDERFUL things :)

This morning I started my day with some oats with banana, chocolate PB, blackberries and chia seeds

pretty ugly breakfast today!

I worked for a few hours and accomplished a lot!

When I left I grabbed another Tofu, hummus, spinach and sprouts sandwich to go

(recycled photo)


Its been a LONG and Busy day! I need my bed!

2 thoughts on “12.5 miler and TJ’S!

    1. banksyface Post author

      I was DETERMINED not to forget that cream cheese! I am almost out of my goat cheese so i had that on the brain! Your SO lucky you are so close to a trader joes! If i make a mistake like that I usually have to wait a month until I get back there!


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