April 17, 2011

I had some drama in the kitchen this morning.  I made some cottage cheese pancakes and added to much liquid and then were a super fail

By the time I had to toss them I was STARVING.  COOKIE DOUGH CEREAL to the rescue!

I added half of a banana and some dried cherries and cashews to the mix.

I got my run on.  5 sweaty miles in 49 minutes.  I’ve decided for now 5 miles will be my milage cap per run until my foot is ready.  When i keep pushing I pay for it afterwards.

Lunch time rolled around and I made a wrap

Dinner was a yummy combo of just about the only veggies I had in the house.

Spinach and butternut squash cooked with cinnamon and olive oil and then some Israeli couscous thrown in the mix, cooked in veggie broth.

It did me good!

Vicki came over before lunch and we decided to go on an ADVENTURE!

We went to an abandoned cigar factory thats sweet and red, we went to the beach (2 days in a row!!) then we went BIKING! Such a FUN and relaxing sunday! PERFECT SPRING DAY!

We walked on the beach for about an hour and then we rode bikes for about 45 minutes.  I kept my body moving today!!

We took SO many more photos but I would like my page to load so I only uploaded a few :)

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL sunday/ weekend!

I need a snack, GOODNIGHT!



3 Responses to “Perfect Spring Sunday!”

  1. That is such a pretty beach! I always mean to ride my bike to the beach, but it’s SO crowded!

  2. these photos are stunning!! ahh im so so jealous!! loveyour wrap too!

  3. [...] was pretty uneventful but just what I needed! I was so active on Sunday and worked ALL DAY LONG yesterday that I really needed this mid week break! Yea ok its not really [...]

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