Self Serve Froyo and Playlists

Wheeww I am WIPED its been a LONG DAY! Lets make this quick and get right to the point!

Today on Twitter Amy asked me to post some of my running playlists SO, I am happily obliging!

Here is my most recent Half Marathon Playlist

I also had this guy hanging out in my playlists from a 15K that I ran last november

I like to mix it up and keep it real.  Or just add the same songs over and over with a few new ones thrown in the mix 😉


After posting this morning I did a 40 minute sweat session on the bike, cleaned myself up and headed to my friends house to catch up!

I have been using my canon s90 all day instead of my DSLR just to mix it up.  I tend to take more picture out in public when Im not lugging around my big DSLR even though it is superior to ALL!


On the way there I just couldnt help myself

I went to a WHOLE NEW whole foods 😉 I had to mix it up! I just picked up some essentials… frutis veg etc

When I finally arrived at her house it was SO nice to catch up! I havet seen her since right before CHRISTMAS! CRAZY! she lives about 45 minutes away and we both tend to “hibernate” in the winter and see much less of each other then during the warmer months!

She took me to a cute restaurant in downtown Montclair ( where I went to college!)

We ordered the Honey BBQ soy chikn wraps!

We also split an order of sweet potato fries.. YUM!! This meal was delicious and I do plan to return!

After we chatted and caught up we headed to a place I have been dreaming about but didnt know existed in nj!

SELF SERVE FROYO!!!!!!!! There were so many flavors to choose from it was AAMMAAAZZIINGGGG

I think I went with a combo somewhere along the line of

  • carrot cake
  • cookies and cream
  • cake batter
  • red velvet
  • peanut butter
  • ny style cheesecake


I have no idea how many toppings I added but I cant tell you it was INSANE

Go big or go home right?

I think next time I can tone it down a bit, I just dont know when the next time will be!!

We went back to her house and played with her new kitten for a while and talked bikes  and wedding… GREAT TO CATCH UP! I missed her!

Heres Edgar 😉

ok, i’m starting to nod off while typing, I NEED MY BED!


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