Running Vs. Cycling Part I

My tuplis sure have grown up this week :)

Yesterdays Beautiful 80 degrees and sun was followed by todays cool gusty winds, pouring rain and thunderstorms!

I made some oats with banana, maple almond butter and caramel sauce!

The caramel added a fun twist to a favorite classic :)

I worked a double today so I wasn’t able to enjoy the weather :) HA

I came home for lunch and made a lunch that I had been dreaming about ALL MORNING!

I had Triple Squash Soup from Whole foods with Spinach, goat cheese and cashews on top.  With Lavash on the side!

The goat cheese added the PERFECT touch! It added a nice creamy texture to each bite :)

I finished off my work day and came home to a quick and simple dinner, THAT WASNT CEREAL 😉

I popped a bag of steamfresh veggies in the microwave and cooked up some  garlic Israeli couscous on the stovetop

I promise there are some veggies under there


It was perfect and hit the spot.

I did however eat a big hunk of cinnamon raisin crack bread after! I have been having a TERRIBLE problem with craving sweets as soon as i’m done with a meal! I was full after dinner but i just had to sink my teeth into something sweet! This is a new development and I need to see what I might be doing to trigger this…. I haven’t been keeping track of sugar intake or anything so many ive been eating more or less of it, therefore craving??? Not sure!

Post Dinner I got my SWEAT ON!

Here brings up the topic of RUNNING VS. CYCLING.  ( I say part one because I would like to follow up with this when I have some more experience with biking, this is just an initial reaction)

Today I rode my bike on my indoor trainer for 45 minutes.  I watched the biggest loser while pedaling.  During commercial breaks I stepped up the resistance and speed.

I am not sure if I have ever sweat that much … besides the one time i decided to run 4 miles in 100* with 100% humidity HEAT. I know I have a problem… I realize its dangerous and I would never attempt it again!

ANYWAY, I was thinking during this workout that Running rarely makes me sweat when compared to the amount I sweat when Cycling.I sweat BUCKETS when I ride that bike!

HOWEVER, I feel like i get a MUCH better workout when I run?

Im assuming the sweat means i’m really kicking it up, WHICH IS AMAZING, But I like the way my body feels like it just pushed itself whenever Im done with a run.

I have only looked into the calorie burn slightly and they seem somewhat comparable.  I need to start using my heart rate monitor more on the bike so I can get a more accurate picture.

What are your thoughts on biking vs. running?!


2 thoughts on “Running Vs. Cycling Part I

  1. Amy

    I only sweat REAL hard when I do interval/speed training while running! I really look forward to biking on my off-running days! I get a good workout from biking, but have to be more mindful or I’ll just zone out and cruise, and not get a really good cardio workout. :)


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