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Jenna’s Whole Wheat Fig Newtons

Next weekend is my Dad’s Birthday.  For YEARS i haven’t been able to spend his big day with him.  Work has always interfered.  Once again it has.

However, my mom is here this weekend and she is able to bring him a present FOR ME!

Because of previous years apart I have never baked specifically for my dad! Everyone in my life has had at least SOMETHING baked in their honor, i mean comon, i bake A LOT.

It came to my knowledge that my Dad is currently on a Fig Newtons Kick! um hello, I can make fig newtons!

I remebered seeing Jenna’s recipe a while back and knew it was the perfect time to take action!

I have never made anything like these, are they cookies? Im not even sure but they sure are tasty! I followed her directions exactly.  I only let the dough chill for just under two hours while I maid the Fig Puree’, which is SO delicious by they way!

Mom Chopping up the Figs

Apple Juice Graveyard

Once we soaked and cooked the figs, we popped them in the freezer for a bit to cool them off.  Then it was Puree’ time

Then it was time to roll out the dough!

Then we filled the dough

and repeat.

3.5 rolls later!

25 minutes in the oven

These guys are not as chewey as your packaged variety but winners by all!

Hopefully my Dad will enjoy them :)


Early Start to a LONG day of SPRING CLEANING!

I was rudely awoken by my neighbors dog barking his head off at 630 in the morning… on a SATURDAY!

:( major sleep in FAIL

I woke up ” on the wrong side of the bed” i was in a teribly crappy mood. THANKS DOG

I had my coffee and hopped on my bike.  I busted out 30 INSANELY SWEATY ( i have no idea why) minutes before 8am! I was pushing myself in the workout but i look like i just ran 10 miles in 100* heat i was a monster.  LOVED the feeling though!

I immediately started cleaning.  My mom comes down for a weekend at the beginning of spring each year to help me to a crazy thorough spring clean.  TODAY WAS THE DAY.

A few minutes after starting my hunger finally kicked in.

I made 2 pieces of toast and topped them with Justins Maple Almond Butter ( a present from MAMA!) Honey Apple Butter ( THANKS TJS) half a banana and 2 strawberries



Back to cleaning I went! I started feeling insanely snacky around 11 so i had a Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin and the butt to the crack bread

Around 11:45 I was STILL hungry so I decided I had to have an early lunch before I snacked myself FULL


  • almond milk
  • spinach
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • vanilla protein powder

mmmmmm! It was not as creamy as my last pineapple smoothie but adding the greens in made me feel more balanced 😉


We continued on the cleaning path.


we were done.  It was intensive and AWESOME, I loved getting in the cabinets and drawers, my freezer and fridge ETC!

My livingroom felt so clean and HAIR FREE, dog hair has been TAKING OVER lately

Mom: what do you want to do for dinner, do you want to go out?

Me: Yeah, we can go out, I would like to have something HEALTHY-ISH though.

Mom: are there any “healthy” restaurants around here

Me: Not particularly

Mom: Lets go have dinner at whole foods!

Me: But i was just there 3 days ago… pause, wait OF COURSE I WANT TO GO TO WHOLE FOODS AGAIN! ( what was i thinking hesitating haha?)

And we were off

I got some cold bar? salad bar? Yea, that.  I threw some random things in and it was lovely, did leave me a little to full though…

I had a coconut water on the side fo HYDRATION purposes!

(refuses to flip the right direction)

We did a little shopping and then headed off to Target for some essential, shampoo and the likes.

Right now my mom and I are whipping up my dad a birthday baked good!

They are his favorite snack/cookie? Im not sure of they’re cookies or not but they will be delicious either way!