happy friday!

FRRRIIIDDAYYYYY!!!!! Its been a long week, so thankful to have the weekend off!

Today I woke up starving, most likely from last nights 10 miler

I knew oats were my answer! They have been so filling lately, apparently because i wasn’t burning that many calories with the lack of running.  Hopefully that phase is in the past!

banana and almond milk oats topped with vanilla cinnamon almond butter, blackberries, dried cherries, banana chips and cashews

Good, but not as amazing as id hoped.

Work was quick and painless and I came home starving.  As i made my Grilled cheese and Jam sandwich! I munched on granola (fail)

I had some grapes to fill my fruit quota for the meal.

I was left full for HOURS

My mom came this afternoon! we’ve been bumming it on this RAINY afternoon.  Every spring my mom comes for a weekend to help me do a crazy thorough spring clean!  My house is going to be spotless!

I made us stir fry for dinner

soba noodles topped with mixed veggies cooked in oil, soy sauce and 2 eggs

Hit the spot!

Were now sprawled out on the couch watching Burlesque.  Christina Aguilera has a KILLER VOICE!

I wish I could sing and dance like that!


2 thoughts on “happy friday!

  1. Amy

    So nice that your mom is there to help clean! Thats ideal. :)

    Yummm i have been loving paninis on the george forman lately…ill have to try adding jam!!!


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