Sunday: Dog Day

I Seriously love my bike.  I rode for a sweaty hour and felt great.

My foot has been handling running WONDERFULLY but I dont want to over do it so im starting to run longer distances but not back to back days.

Lunch today was a last minute decision.  I was browsing my cabinets and decided I was going to make a casserole and then i picked up the corn bread to top the casserole with, I saw a recipe for cornbread waffles and my mind was made.

It was good but didn’t crazy satisfy me like i had hoped.

The batter was really thin and ripped when i was taking it off the waffle iron, but obviously it still tasted fine 😉 Just not as pretty

I topped them with a little bit of earth balance, blueberries and maple syrup

On another note, Sunday has turned into pick a dog and go on an adventure day.  Last Sunday chance and I went Hiking, this sunday Milo and I went to the BEACH!

This was milos first time at the beach! I have taken him to lake michigan in wisconsin before but never the JERSEY SHORE! He LOVED it!! He was such a happy puppy.  He slept the WHOLE WAY HOME! He is also passssed out right now, dead to the world.  Im glad I could tire his little body out while still having fun!

When we got back we were hunnnnnngryyyy so Vicki and I ordered Sushi.

I had the usual pear roll ( avocado and peanuts) and sweet potato roll.

NOW i’m seriously craving something sweet and watching Love and Other Drugs!


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