HI FRIENDS! I have some EXCITING NEWS 😀 I have moved to SELF HOSTED!


I have redirected traffic here from my blog.  However I am not sure if any of you who follow me though a READER will be redirected.  So, please update your reader if that is the case!

I look forward to sharing this new chapter of my blog with you!! :)

Breakfast this morning was SIMPLE and DELICIOUS

  • Greek Yogurt
  • peanut butter
  • 1 banana
  • pumpkin crunch cereal

I swear there is yogurt and peanut butter under there!


Work today was, um, Trying? Lets just say, My strength was TESTED.  I did make it though smiling though.  It was rough for a little but I came home and saw THIS!

I was scrolling through Blogs on my google reader and saw this video on Caitlin’s Blog and I was Instantly in a good mood again!


Lunch was similar to yesterday.  I had the same wrap but with provolone instead of mozzarella.  I also had fruit on the side instead of Reese’s Puffs 😛

I headed back into work and closed.  I had an un pictured apple around 7 because i was STARVVINGGGGG!

Dinner was boring cereal.  Frosted Shredded wheat with Organic Kids cinnamon Toast Crunch 😉 wiih Vanilla Almond Milk of course!


I wanted to share with you guys a fun NEW nail technique! It’s Called WATER MARBLING!

Sarah came over last night and we tested it out! We had some mishaps in the but it worked GREAT IN THE END!

We played around for a WHILE, then we finally chose the colors we liked and got to work!

I thought it looked a lot like a peacock!!

The above picture is Sarah’s Hand, mine are so bitten up and GROSS I just couldnt show you!

HOWEVER, the good news is I havent bitten mine all day because my nails looks so cool! I hope they don’t chip fast!

4 thoughts on “THE BIG MOVE

    1. banksyface Post author

      THANKS! Its so fun and different! There are so many combinations you can do, and every nail can either be made totally different or exactly the same


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