Wedding Colors


My oatmeal was SOOO filling this morning! I added some delicious berry trail mix that really pumped it up!


There are also some sprinkles, blueberries, peanut butter and banana in there!


Lemon Chobani with trail mix, blueberries and granola

(the yogurt was good but tasted like any other lemon yogurt i have ever had)


as well as 2 slices of irish soda bread with earth balance ( MY NEW LOVE)


It was AMAZING to get out of work early today! I felt like i got SO MUCH DONE!


After lunch i hopped on the bike for an hour and then i did Jackie’s standing Ab routine… trying to keep up with the strength as much as possible!

I wanted to run but i’m going to take it easy the rest of the week so that i can start training again on monday!


I decided some baking needed to be done. I ripped out a recipe in a magazine a few weeks ago and finally found some time to make them..

I changed the recipe a bit and added almond and butterscotch chips



Mine came out more like granola bar COOKIES then bars but that may be a good thing ;)




I cut them into little squares and got 25 out of them :P

I’ve had 3 since i made them!

Let me know if you are interested in the recipe…. I forgot which magazine I pulled it from.

Dinner came in the form of brussels sprouts! I have a TON in my fridge, i didn’t have the patience to roast them so I remembered this recipe and gave it a try!


It was light but thats what i needed because i was feeling awfully full after the cookies! I topped it with parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese and fake bacon ;)

Now i’m hanging out on the couch with John and the pups watching TV… lazy butts…

P.S- TODAY IS SCOTT AND MY ONE MONTH ENGAG-AVERSARY!!!! I cannot believe its been a month already!! It literally feels like a week! It has been an amazing month full of excitement and love <3



purple and gold.jpg

we LOVE the bright boldness of dark purple and gold? yellow? marigold….

I’m really excited about all the planning ahead of me. I don’t even know what our next step is? I think finding a venue is pretty high on the list for something you need to to do first right? All you married ladies, PLEASE SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Colors

  1. Amy

    I love those colors! So beautiful!

    I could not have gotten my wedding planned without my best friend, who had gotten married a year earlier. She saved me!
    I would say venue first, and try to find a venue that has catering with it! Also, if your venue is worth ANYTHING, it will have some kind of wedding planner available to you…which will help with organization.
    Start looking at things like your dress, girl’s dresses, flowers, cake, rings, etc.
    If you haven’t yet, get a fresh notebook or planner to keep notes/phone numbers/emails/biz cards/etc in. Checking things off your lists will feel great! :)

    1. Sarah

      I am really the first of my friends to get married! THANKFULLY my sister got engaged in JULY so she is a few months ahead of me in wedding planning so she can help me a bit!
      I DID get a notebook AND a little book planner thing :) It seems helpful I think i just need to take the first step and really dive in and then it wont feel so overwhelming!


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