January 16, 2011

Today I had a baking disaster. I have no idea what I did wrong so i’m hoping you can help me out!

I made brownies from scratch for the first time using this recipe.

Everything was going fine….. then the batter was SUPER LIGHT BROWN and the sugar was REALLY GRAINY! I couldn’t get it to combine! I kept mixing and eventually just tried baking…

This is what I got.




The top was crunchy and thin and the inside wouldn’t cook!

I tasted it and it was delicious but these obviously were a FAIL!

PLEASE SOMEONE, what went wrong?

This afternoon i got my workout on while watching fringe. I netflixed it and i started the first episode. SO FAR SO GOOD!

Do you watch Fringe?

I ran 4.5 miles in 46 minutes and then i did some strength

I have decided a good way to mix it up so i don’t get bored doing strength BECAUSE I DO AND NEVER WANT TO DO IT, is i will alternate which body section to work every 3rd workout. Abs, Arms, Legs, repeat! TODAY WAS LEGS. I rocked the burn!

Dinner time came and decided to use my new MEATLESS MEATBALLS from trader joes :)

Scott and I used to have Spaghetti and Meatballs night every single thursday back when i was a carnivore ;) I brought it back tonight with my soyballs (he had meat balls) ;)



mmmmm so delicious! I added some chopped spinach for some color and HEALTH

On another note: I did something fun today! I bought ecto so i can STOP BLOGGING ON

I have heard a lot of crappy things about it but everything i have seen said it was still better then blogging from wordpress SO i gave it a shot and so far i really like it :)

ADDING PICTURES IS 100% better and faster <3 Pictures are obviously priority over here at banksyface!

I also have a FUN video i will be uploading later tonight when i figure out how :) Its not working how i think its suppose to work!

4 Responses to “Brownie Fail”

  1. Hey girl… these are actually how the brownies look for me – they have a crunchy top and gooey inside (I just made them this week for the brownie cupcakes:, but it looks like maybe you needed to bake them a little longer? All oven temperatures differ so it’s hard to say. or maybe they needed to cool a little longer?

    • Sarah says:

      DAMN! I wish i hadn’t been so impatient and assumed they were ruined haha I tasted them and they were so good i just thought the crunchy top meant i had gone all wrong…. Ill have to give them another try, bake them a little longer and definitely let them cool a little longer next time… Thanks :)

  2. THAT HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME! its so weird ….i mean i like the inside.. but ti ruins the whole make them look nice!

  3. Amy says:

    Mmmmm that pasta looks great!! I need to hustle over to TJs to stock up on meatless balls.

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