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My Moms Here!

my alarm went off at 5am… it wasnt THAT BAD! I guess all those 530 runs last week helped out a bit.  I woke up, walked downstairs to the kitchen where i had layed out my gym clothes.  I stood staring down at them for a few minutes to cold to think about changing.  Eventually I did and headed out. John just joined a gym and brought me as his guest.  I met him in the parking lot at 5:15

HARDEST RUN I MAY HAVE EVER HAD! I dont know WHAT was wrong with me, yes obviously i was tired but i felt awful, i literally couldn’t push myself.  I was having a terrible time taking a deep breath so i think lack of oxygen was affecting me.  I somehow fought through the 3.5 miles of speed work.

Afterwards I headed home and got ready for work.  I made some breakfast.  I saw this combo on Tinas blog and while the combo seems so obvious i’m not sure i had ever tried it! It sounded delicious.  Greek Yogurt with banana and melted peanut butter! I used half a banana with melty maple almond butter.

I needed some crunch so i added some granola and wheat puffs

yummy, simple goodness.

I ate breakfast and milo scowled at me for waking him up so early

I only had to work until 2pm and came home and met my mom! A patient had brought us bagels again today so i had mine for lunch.  Plain bagel with veggie cream cheese.

I ate it on the way to IKEA!

We went to pickup a new bookshelf for the kitchen.

Probably the easiest piece of ikea furniture i have ever built!

milo wasnt to happy that i wouldnt let him help

They were happy when we took the gate down


We ordered a pizza for dinner because we were both to tired to bother with cooking.. I had my fav VEGGIE PIZZA

This plus one

It was delicious as always.

Were just hanging out watching tv and being exhausted.  There may be some fro yo later on :) and hopefully and early bedtime.  Im exhausted and im working another double tomorrow… see yyaaa later