“a day without cupcakes, is a day without sunshine”

Last night I decided I needed to see to see the lunar eclipse.  I had to go to bed MIGHTY early due to the 5am wake up call… SO i set my alarm for 230 AM.. and then again for 530….

at 230 i woke up, grabbed my camera and headed outside..
In fact you cant tell at all, it looked way cooler in person.. did anyone else see it?
Mine was not a great pic but i thought i would share anyway… The eclipse was about 3/4 full when i saw it.
I easily fell back asleep.
When the alarm sounded again at 530 i was surprisingly OK… i wasnt dying, i got right up and started coffee.. within minutes I was on the treadmill.. My butt and chest were SUPER sore from the bouncing due to YESTERDAY mornings workout… that was way more hardcore then i thought.. you should give it a try!! Im totallly still feeling it, it hurts to bend down and sit HA
I ran 3.5 miles
I made myself some trail mix for breakfast for easy snacking at work
oatmeal squares
It was awesome and totally held me over for HOURRRRSSSS!!
On my lunch break I had a bunch of errands to run.  One of them was the grocery store, afterwards i dropped off the food and grabbed a VERY SAD LOOKING LUNCH… english muffin with butta.. i was not hungry AT ALLL.. i think it was stress and the trail mix!
When work was over I met vicki back at my house to start baking.  I told her I would help her bake HEATH CRUNCH BARS for her family for christmas.  I made them a few months ago and she  LOVED them.. we made 3 incredibly successful batches! They are SO awesome!! We didnt have enough heath for all the batches so we added butterscotch chips!! WWhatt and awwwwesssommmeeeee DECISION!!!  DO IT!
When we were done John arrived! He was in charge of dinner.  This is what happens when you let your friend cook you dinner
John made pizza bagels
onions bagels topped with vodka sauce and CHEDDA with some mac and cheese on the side.. NUTRITIOUS I KNOW ;)  cant complain it was really delicious.. i love cheese. i love cheese :)
My portion
goo :)
We had some wine to accompany our cheese dinna
AND LET THE PRESENTS BEGIN… I totally got spoiled!! They bought me so many awesome and fun things.. i love them :)

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