One for One



i got my run on this morning.  i only ran 3 miles at pace.  Im about to finish up the second week of my training.  The miles start to pick up a little soon.

My IT bands have been SSUPPERR tight lately.  I make it a point to foam roll after every run and the last 2 days it has been incredible painful! Almost as painful as the first time i used it!! Im going to try and roll it out a little longer then usual after sundays 6 mile run.

I had some oats again .. what else is new. I threw random stuff in…. bananas, cranberries, blue berries, oatmeal squares, chocolate chips :)

Ooey Gooey goodness

it was quite delicious and got my day started just right.  I headed into work and learned a billion more things.  We eventually took a break for lunch.  They wanted to order from a chicken place.   I ended something called a tropi chop? Basically it was yellow rice, lettuce and tomatoes.  There was suppose to be beans but i guess they forgot? It wasnt very fulling, but the rice was decent.

we also hung out with this cutie



so cute right?!

when i got home there were some packages waiting for me! I ordered some TOMS shoes last week to wear to work, I needed some comfy black shoes and found these and thought they would be perfect

This is what really sold me though

LOVE THAT… if that isnt enough reason to buy a pair i dont know what is!


I finally sat down and was catching up on blogs when i saw THIS POST.. i was not hungry until i began to read and scroll.  Within 60 seconds i was in my kitchen doing this


I topped this beautiful french toast with cool whip and agave because i wanted to.

It was very satisfying.



Im now laying on the couch, its 7:00pm and i want to get in my pajamas and go to bed.  But, i cannot.  I have a to do list longer then i am tall.

I am also trying to get the energy to go out to a bar for an hour or so.  My boss is having people get together for her birthday and I want to go but im exhausted and im working at 730 tm….. We will see what happens.


CRAP im bititng my nails! My nail polish is starting to chip and thats when my brain automatically destroys.  I need to go look for a new design!

2 thoughts on “One for One

  1. Amy

    Ooooh I love Toms! I have a gray pair which I wear non-stop on the weekends! That’s so awesome that you can wear them to work! Super comfy. :)

    Omg that french toast. I DIE.

    1. Sarah

      i tried out my toms today at work and WOW i wasnt expecting them to be THAT COMFORTABLE! They feel so light and flimsy in your hands but they are like pillows! im in love.. i think ill buy a diff color to wear when im not at work! I bet they look cute with a dress :)


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