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Navasink Challenge 15k

I woke up at 7am cold and unmotivated.  I got my butt in gear and headed out for my first official 15k.  :)

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way and got a slightly disgusting pumpkin coffee and a multigrain bagel with veggie cream cheese.  A race tradition for me!

I thought i had the address to the race location written down, but apparently NOT.  I couldn’t even find an official address online to put in my GPS so i stressed a bit before realizing i was just going to have to follow the directions on the website and not follow a gps.. which sucks because reading directions while driving is so 10 years ago..I was also stressed because i read in numerous places how you MUST get there early because parking is limited and i wasnt abe to pick up my packet yesterday because of my delivery.  Either way I got there right when I had planned.  I had about and hour and a half to kill before the race but that was ok because the parking lots were FULL about 10 minutes after i got there! I hung out in my car most of that time.

Im 26 and my number was 26.. sweet :)

They eventually called us the the start line.

While i was walking up i saw a sign that said NO HEADPHONES.. i had no idea headphones werent allowed.. there was a guy on a speakphone saying if you MUST use headphone they better be out of your ears when you cross the finish line, or your disqualified.  Besides, i saw tons of people with headphones. I decided to try and run it without music.  SUCCESS :) No music at all just the sound of me and tons of people around me grunting and breathing heavy, very motivating haha

The course had TONS OF HILL, dirt road, main road and woods.

now this might not LOOK like a huge hill, but it was HELL.

I was basically reciting I WILL NOT WALK I WILL NOT WALK most of that hill haha.. Im pretty sure 90% of this race was A HILL!

BUT i never stopped running, i was breathing like a monster but right before i got to the top volunteers were yelling GO 26! I pushed on 😉

Finally I FINISHED 1:35:55 WHHOOPPPPP and the course was .15 miles longer then it was suppose to, with all those hills im very proud of my time.  I never super pushed myself i just kept at whatever pace i was comfortable at :)

I was #410 out of 900 something people :) miss middleISH

It was 35 degrees during the run but i was wishing i was wearing a tshirt! At least I broke in my new running jacket and i know it will keep me warm in much lower temperatures despite how thin it is! 😀

I picked up some free goodies and got a sweet tech tee that fits nicely.

As soon as i got home i made lunch… nothing new… sorry thanksgiving weekend isnt over yet!

The last of my stuffing, green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole.  I had a bunch of strawberries in the fridge that will go bad soon so my mission is to eat them today! Maybe ill make something sweet and NOT THANKSGIVING leftovers for dinner? As long as im not to lazy 😉

(all pictures were taken with the canon powershot)

I need a shower and some couch time!