Daily Archives: November 25

I am thankful for elastic wasitbands.

I am thankful for my amazing family

I am thankful for my loving boyfriend

I am thankful for my dogs who love me more then anything

I am thankful for time with friends

I am thankful for good foods

I am thankful to be able to take vacations

I am thankful for all the opportunities I have

I could go ON AND ON but I will spare you 😉 What are YOU thankful for?!

My parents arrived last night and went to bed quite early, it was nice knowing I would wake up to my family :)


I had several cups of coffee before getting my day started.  I woke up at 630 am to the sounds of 5 dogs,yes 5 dogs worth of paws putting around in the kitchen below me.  My parents have 2 dogs, so when we get together we have 5! I know, its quite a site! Anyway, I stomped down the stairs EXHAUSTED, my mom told me to go back to bed and she would keep everyone quiet… so I did thinking I wouldnt be able to and the next thing I know its 8 ha i guess i could fall back asleep 😀

I got my workout on nice and early once everyone had risen.  It was raining out so i did 2 miles on the treadmill.  Today is my last run before the 15k and it was short and breeeeezay We watched the thanksgiving day parade as I ran. Afterwards I did some random strength exercises and got my shower on.

My mom had been baking since 6am and i was anxious to get in there and help her! Usually when I ask her how I can help she says ” oh im fine” or she gives me some lame 2 second task to complete so i feel helpful haha not this year I just took over! I let her handle the turkey completely. THAT IS NOT MY AREA.  And so we got to work.

We did some relaxing

Then then was more cooking

Team work

and some camera lovin

Kiya and Scott were snuggling

She tried to make me jealous….moving on

Adele and Yoshi did some snuggling as well

Glamour shots ensued.

Scott was then ready to conquer the turkey! This is my favorite picture of the whole day HA

He was trying to describe that he needed utensils so he could life the turkey and thought this motion would help me understand……mmhmm

we figured it out :)

and dinner was served! On the MENU Turkey, stuffing (good but not GREAT), sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, Cranberry sauce, Mashed potatoes and Broccoli.

MY PLATE… this is a SMALL plate and i didn’t get seconds and felt GREAT AFTER :) double YAY for not going crazy at dinner #1!

I would like to mention that this was my VERY FIRST thanksgiving as a vegetarian! I stopped eating meat the SUNDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING last year! My late meaty meal was a leftover turkey sandwich :) I think I went out with a bang… I havent missed meat once and this upcoming MONDAY will be my one year veggieversary 😉 Ill have to make a very VEGIFIED day of eats  in celebration.

Milo Tried SUPER HARD to get some food with no success

Kiya tried to blend into my pants and pray for crumbs, she wasnt so lucky either.

Notice there is no picture of chance, thats because hes a GOOD BOY and doesnt beg!! BESIDES I gave them a special pomegranate cranberry bone for dinna! spoiled children of mine

There was some lovin, chris couldnt make it, but he was here in spirit 😉

FAMILY LOVE TIME (we take a family picture EVERY HOLIDAY, One day I look forward to comparing them all)

After dinner we watched the original miracle on 34th street :)

Eventually we had dessert.  My mom made a pumpkin pie which will be eaten slowly through the week .  I busted out the pumpkin roll I froze a few weeks back  and I also made pretzel salad ( dont judge by the name it rules! But it came out weird and looked gross eventhough it tasted amazing so i will REMAKE IT in the future, photograph it and share the recipe then but trust me its DELICIOUS, scott LOoooooovesSSS it!) We all had a little of each.

Then it was time for goodbyes :( I gave pogo some extra attention.  he is my VERY FIRST DOG he just turned 15 and isnt looking good, im really worried about losing him, hes going blind and having trouble walking but he was sick today and i pray he gets better.. I LOVE THAT BOY!


AS soooon as they left we headed over to scotts for thanksgiving.  Jordana (scotts cousins kid) LOVES ME, she follows me everywhere and wants to be next to me all the time and I love her to death shes SO adorable!!!!

ps. scott was adopted 😉 if you were wondering where the family resemblance came in haha

Here are some pics from the night.  I didn’t get to many but had a great time.


Scotts grandmothers AMAZING CHOCOLATE LOG

Cassies Banana cream pie

Apple PIE

There was also an AMAZING pecan pie which i didnt get a picture of.

ALL IN ALL I felt Great.  I did NOT go crazy and overeat like i used to.  I think this is interesting… When i counted calories and restricted what I put in my mouth all year long I WOULD GO FREAKING CRAZY AT THANKSGIVING.  Eating anything and everything over and over until I thought my stomach would literally explode… Now that I have stopped counting calories I ate LESS THEN HALF of what I used to…

I think the fact that i have no problem eating leftovers in moderation plays a huge role.  Before the idea of leftovers was OFF LIMITS.. I couldnt possibly eat more high calorie foods AFTER THANKSGIVING.

Basically I LOVE that i can control myself now :)

Has another one else dealt with something like that??


I HOPE YOU ALL HAD AN AMAZING and BLESSED thanksgiving! I love you guys! See you tm