Brownie Batter Oats and PIZZA puffs!

Last Night i came across a recipe for brownie batter oatmeal… yes this was obviously meant for me to try so i did! If you don’t know i enjoy batter more then i enjoy the finished product :) thats just how i roll and always have!  This morning i made myself a batch of this brownie batter oatmeal… It was good BUT it was missing something.  I used half a banana and a tbsp of brown sugar plus some Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter because it worked!  I cooked it in water eventhough i always cook oatmeal in milk…maybe that was the problem? Ill give it another whirl with some moderations :D

I FINALLY finished the living room tonight! I dont know WHY it took so long… well i DID clean the carpets on top of a little organizing, dusting etc.
AFTER livingroom:
I also just rearranged the room so we will be able to fit in a christmas tree!!! It looks like you guys are slowly getting a tour of my house ;)
I got in a 3 mile run in a little under 29 minutes and did some some random strength exercises.. i get SO impatient! I need to slow down and get that in!
I let saphira ( one of the ferrets) roam around in the ball while i cleaned… Milo followed her everywhere of course… they are best friends <3
My take on a grilled cheese:
2 pieces whole wheat bread
garlilc goat cheese
mexican cheese
Put in the george forman and YUMMMM The hummus adds a delightful creamy flavor and texture to the whole thing its a fabulous combo and i LOVE IT… Dont worry i still occasionally make the buttery goodness grilled cheese on the stove :)
I had half a pear with cinnamon and mint chocolate almonds to go with it! mmmm
POST LUNCH errands were ran… my charging port in my phone broke yesterday :( So i went to see if i can get a new one… I CAN except its being ordered and probably wont be in until monday so theres a chance ill be phone-less this weekend BOO!
I actually got dressed today see…
BUT you know when i got home i quickly changed into my new thigh high socks!!
I got a FABULOUS idea today to make Pizza PUFFS! I found them here I was pretty excited when i saw them! I LOVE taking something regular and making it different… im pretty sure pizza in mini muffin tins fits that bill!! You can find the link to the recipe on her page! MAKE THEM THEY ARE AWESOME! I followed the instructions and then added tomatoes and spinach and it made 15 i ate 7 :) haha theyre MINI and i drizzled them in tomato sauce.. TOTALLY RECOMMEND so easy and FUN!
Have I mentioned how much i hate the lighting in my house :(  They taste A LOT better then they look) I want summer back when i could take all my food pics outside because it was always light for breakfast lunch and dinner!
I dont think Milo is as into this as i am :(
I need to go make some fondant Cinderella’s!!! Goodnight!

5 thoughts on “Brownie Batter Oats and PIZZA puffs!

  1. Amy

    I love your boots? Are they Frye?!? Also love: thigh-high socks (which I’m still searching for…where are yours from?), pizza puffs, and your adorable cuddly dog!

  2. Amy

    You lucky girl! I’ve been pining after a pair of Frye’s…but they’re so expensive! My sister just won a pair on ebay for $55!
    I’m going to target tonight! I’ll look for the thigh-highs…my knee-high socks are too short, so I want to get thigh-highs to fold over. Make sense? I hope so! :)

    1. Sarah

      :) I had a mission a few years ago and i HAD to have them…. they’re totally expensive but they’ll literally last forever! Your sister got them for a steal! I found the socks in the slipper/ christmas socks section if that helps :)

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