Daily Archives: November 10


happy wednesday! I cannot believe thanksgiving is 2 weeks from tomorrow!! That means CHRISTMAS MUSIC SEASON OFFICIALLY BEGINS 2 weeks from friday!!! Thats crazy to me, im not even wearing a winter coat yet!

I started today off with something FUN.  I made french toast and then cooked it in a waffle iron!!

I put almond milk, egg beaters, cinnamon and vanilla in a bowl and mixed it all up ( i never measure for french toast)

I soaked 2 pieces of natures path whole wheat bread until it was very soggy and then i topped it with some chia seeds.  Put it in the waffle iron and it came out so cute!  I topped them with earth balance, pure maple syrup, almonds and strawberries … AMAZING… totally hit the spot!



TODAY all the fur children had baths!  they were NOT happy about it

such PATHETIC children!

adorable! They are all SO SOFT AND CLEAN and smell NICE!!!!! Milo has this routine where he runs around like a monkey after he gets a bath its hilarious.

haha :)


Today i took 2 SMALL tortilla wraps and put pumpkin cream cheese, warm apples (heated in microwave) peanut butter, cinnamon and dried cherries.  Wrapped them up and put them in the broiler for a few minutes.

this was also extremely delicious! I was very full at this point because i have been drinking SO MUCH water today… for some reason water is just amazing … maybe its the new water bottle… or the new filter in my britta 😉 HAHA

Today i did a SWEATY SPEED WORKOUT… i was drenched when i was done.  i did 5X800s at 5k pace.  It was great, i felt so fast :) I ran the “sprints” at 7.3 mph and the recovery at 6.. it was awesome and  i enjoyed last nights biggest loser while running :) SWEATING RULES!

It was gorgeous outside today, and we even had some pretty light streaming though.

to bad no good light EVER goes on my coutertops! :( Food photography is GROSS in my house! I have to go outside or use my lightbox!


I needed something simple, low ingredient and quick.  So i grabbed a few things an just got cooking.  I made a serving of brown basmati rice.  I cooked some green beans, then i added them to the rice along with a half a cup of cream of potato soup.  I put them in a oven safe bowl topped them with a sprinkle of bread crumbs and mozzarella cheese.  I baked it at 350* for 10 minutes.

It was a little bland, i think it needs something with a KICK to it!


HMMMM, i need a good breakfast idea for tm… any ideas?????