sometimes all a girl needs is some cherries.

Going though my google reader last night i came across caitlins pumpkin rice pudding and i KNEW i had to HAVE it for breakfast today! It was nice waking up with a new fun recipe already planned! You can get the recipe and instructions on her blog.

it was awesome, im pretty sure i will be adding this recipe to my usuals! and making big batches of rice in advance so its easy!

Today was COLD, WINDY and GROOSSSSSS.  We did a lot of couch snuggling while i spent hours looking for jobs!

I did get my elliptical on – 50 minutes at moderate pace… it was boring and a barely sweat.. BOO! BUT it is a nice option other then running to keep running exciting EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE WEEK :)

I prepared lunch while i worked out haha YEP i kept hopping off for 30 seconds at a time.. first i cut and drained the tofu… pumpkin is magical

Yea the tofu is under there somewhere.  then i sliced and marinated it in BONE SUCKIN SAUCE (bbq sauce) while the oven preheated to 375*

gah it looks disgusting!

Then i baked it for 30 minutes…It was OK, i think next time ill bake it longer to get a harder shell and softer inside.. or is that just raising the temperature… hmm ill have to play with that.  i paired it with a side of steamed broccoli and lemon pepper (my favorite way to eat broccoli)and a biscuit from the other night.

I didnt finish the tofu and i had another small biscuit! WHAT they are SO GOOD with earth balance.. MMMMMM

I rocked crazy hair all day today..

I looked for recipes for dinner for AT LEAST an hour, i wanted to find something unique to customize but i looked so long and got so hungry i ended up throwing together something small and quick.

Toasted English muffin with ricotta cheese, honey, strawberries and walnuts! MMMM DELISH and easy and simple and probably would make and EXCELLENT breakfast or snack..

I also had some dried cherries on the side.. MY FAVORITE.. that was really all i wanted.. some nights i want a hearty carby dinner, some nights i want dried cherries :) im so versatile ;)

I’ve had baking on the brain since lunch so i decided to make a recipe i have been eyeing for a while now.  heath crunch blondies from sweet tooth sweet life However, they did NOT come out like they should have! I squeezed them into a smaller dish and they were to thick and puffy and took 3x’s as long to cook :( they are still GOOD but not perfect! SO decadent though, i had one and my stomach hurts A LOT haha :) At least they are photogenic!

Well, i was just invited to go hang out at the pier with some friends on this CHILLY evening.. SEE YA :)

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