Tea, of the cookie variety.

25 hours days are NIIIIICE…. i woke up “early” because well, not really with the time change the whole day felt off and the fact that it was dark by 5:30 was freakish if you ask me, i equate dark nights with snow, wheres the snow? I was bored and laking inspiration this morning so i just had a bowl of cereal.  I bought a box of the wheaties fuel and mikxed it with special k honey granola.  nice combo!

Not long after breakfast i made my cupcake delivery, on the way there, i got an email for another order… i guess business is picking up!  GOOD THING seeing as NO ONE WILL HIRE ME… still no regrets on quitting, i was so emotionally damaged from working there i am JUST NOW getting back to my normal happy self. amen.

The return of the minute brown rice! I used to LIVE ON THESE, i must have had one a day, it got $$$$ but they were missed, So EASY!!!

I made myself 2 small burritos with a side of strawberries

In the Burrito:

2 small whole wheat wraps

“sour cream” plain greek yogurt

brown rice

black beans



I made scott beef tacos :)

Target trip was had, we needed another space heater! Im trying to save money on gas this winter so we have been living off of ONE small space heater, so we decided to get one more to even it out.  I also picked up some flannel sheets for our bed!!!! space heaters and flannel sheets? IT MUST BE CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS!*&#^&@% yayyyyy

im going to sleep GOOOD TONIGHT

we has some dog love time AS ALWAYS


Tea, of the cookie variety was bust out!

A friend of mine got the idea of RED VELVET PANCAKES in my head and i couldn’t get the thought out of my head by dinner time. SO i made them AGAIN… the most delicious pancake there ever was! I made a BIG batch and froze most of them!

My serving, topped with earth balance and a couple of chocolate chips :)


I ran on the treadmill after dinner because i never got a chance to throughout the day… it was rough, i wasn’t in it, i had a cramp and felt slow.  thankfully it was only 4 miles!

foam rolling hurts less this week.. good right?! oh and my hamstring is FINALLY loosening up a bit! I have Definitely learned the importance of stretching this week!

7 thoughts on “Tea, of the cookie variety.

  1. kimberly

    Those red velvet pancakes DO look delicious! My daughter thinks your Disney Princess cupcakes are cute! Glad you got the extra heater. For us, using space heaters are more expensive than running the central heat. I wonder if it’s different cost wise in CA? Anywhooooo…. have a great night!

    1. Sarah

      Last winter i did a test to see if it was cheaper or more expensive… i started using heaters mid way through the month and the bill was cheaper then the month before so i’m ASSUMING its cheaper….were doing a trial this month!

  2. blissfulhope

    I have been buying boil-in-a-bag brown rice and I just store it in the fridge in individual containers then heat it up when I need it. Works the same way as the little cups and is much cheaper! Alsooooo you might need to share that red velvet pancake recipe with me if you would. They just look fabulous and almost make me want to have two breakfasts in a row today haha.

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