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at least i OWN my laziness?

Today started off Chilly! I made some pumpkin coffee and some cream of wheat cooked in almond milk.  i added 1/2 a banana, raisins, pumpkin, cinnamon raisin peanut butter, chocolate chips  and pumpkin granola

Today I had a40 minute tempo run planned, its easier for me to do these workouts on the treadmill because im forced to hold my pace. I did 10 minutes at 5.5 mph 20 minutes between 6.6 and 7.0 then 10 minutes at 5.5.  I have been tracking my workouts here at the dailymile! If your a runner its a fun way to keep track of your mileage.  It tells you how many donuts you’ve burned, how much gas you’ve saved, your average pace ETC.  Its basically an electronic running journal! You should sign up and add me!

Afterwards i did pushups, bicep curls, lunges, crunches, side crunches, plank and supermans.  Then i did some VIGOROUS FOAM ROLLING! OOOOUUUCHHHHHHHH

I decided to rearrange my living room.  I get bored with rooms OFTTEN and when i rearrange it feels new and fresh and i like hanging out in them again! BUT FIRST i made myself a POWER SMOOTHIE!

almond milk, spinach, banana, dark cherries, chocolate protein powder, maca powder, chocolate chips! MMMM

i also warmed up the last of the raisin challah bread with some pumpkin cream cheese … SO AMAZING

I got my move on, i pushed and pulled and thought about where everything should go.  I went with no plan other then i wanted to put my couch BACK into an L shape.  On top of the fact that there is NO wiggle room, its such a small room, there are only so many ways to put the furniture to fit.



Afterwards we did quite A LOT OF THIS:

I kept dreaming big dreams of baking some amazing vegetarian lasagna, or stirring up something delicious in the crock pot, but somehow i never made it off the couch! I ended up making myself some frozen ravioli with some parm cheese.  It was delicious!  I have been on a mission to clean out my freezer and then NOT refill it with crap.  Sometimes i need to freeze stuff but its literally ALWAYS PACKED!!

A few weeks ago i came across this poster and i LOVE IT! Im thinking of photoshopping it to a fun color and possibly framing it!

It truly is inspiring! I printed out a crappy copy and its already on my fridge!

After i realized i was being ridiculously lazy the last 2 days i decided to make a pumpkin roll! I will be adding to my baking blog later tonight so you can check that out.  But its very easy and i hope its delicious!

ALSO, i added my tweets to the right side of my blog! If you have twitter you can follow me at @sbanksy


HEY GUYS!! Im oddly OVEREXCITED to be posting back here! Back in June, i decided to leave wordpress for sparkpeople because i wanted people to read! I love what my blog became and all the people i “MET” haha but i always wanted to end up back here.  I dont need to go into detail because if you followed me here from spark i explained on my blog there all my reasons.  SEE right there.. i LOVE LINKING STUFF haha I think we are going to have a lot of fun here :)

ENOUGH with the swap lets get back to normal!


I started with a small serving of DELICIOUS pumpkin pancakes!

I used a little less then 1/2 a cup of pancake mix and added almond milk until it was a thick enough and then i threw in some pumpkin.  Topped with some earth balance and maple syrup :)

Scott asked me if i wanted to come to his office with him for a few hours so i got my workout on right after my last pancake bite 😉 It all worked out though, no cramps because it was a cross training day.  So i did 40 minutes at moderate pace on the elliptical and it was lovely.  I haven’t done any cross training in 2 weeks so it was a welcomed change of pace!

We headed over there and i did some photoshopping while scott did some shipping.  On our way home we stopped at PC Richard’s to check out point and shoots.  I think i have mentioned before how i am in the market for an AFFORDABLE but AWESOME point and shoot, preferably cannon.  You see i LOVE LOVE LOVE my dslr but its BIG and not always convenient.  Mind you i use it 95% of the time! My current point and shoot is an olympus water proof cam that is awesome, for that reason only.. it takes awful pics and i get SAD when im forced to use it haha… so there enough boring info on my camera logic.


I came home and made myself some bagelthin eggs in a basket haha with a banana and some peanut butter puffins!

ya know, i really despise the lighting in my house!!! I cannot wait to move and find a house with natural lighting,, YES that is on my MUST HAVE LIST!

This is the time of day where i got LAZY.. it was GORGEOUS outside and i marched right up to my bed, tea in hand and started catching up on my shows.  apparently i just watch WAY TO MUCH TV because i always feel like i’m “catching up” but that being said i enjoyed it.  Scott eventually joined me and took a nap.  I watched a mini LAW AND ORDER LA marathon.  I tivoed it because it started and havent had time to watch a single episode so i caught up and i LOVE IT! Really good stories so far:) i didnt think any law and orders could compare to SVU but it looks like they can!

Seeing as how i was to lazy to get out of bed we ordered in.  I got an avocado roll and some steamed veggie dumplings.  Both of which were UGLY and looked nasty and yellow in my house lighting and were not not very tasty!

We settled back into bed because obviously we wanted to start november off with a bang! haha We watched Inception! the beginning i was SO LOST and was wondering why everyone loved this movie.. but then i got sucked in and ended up liking it.  Still weird though!

How did everyone start out their Novembers?????