September 21, 2014

Scott works A LOT of weekend but today (Sunday) he had off! HOORAY for Hikes and fall and being exhausted but happy :)






IMG_4811 IMG_4812 IMG_4813


IMG_4815 IMG_4816

IMG_4800 IMG_4803

IMG_4817 IMG_4818






I hope you all had as wonderful a day as I did :)

September 21, 2014

Saturday morning I happy woke up to NO alarm :) I woke up slowly and had breakfast before heading out for my run. I had 13 miles on the schedule and I wanted to run somewhere new. I had a new trail in mind but I decided I wanted to SAVE the newness of it for my 17 mile run next weekend.  I took to google and did some back country road street view searches and picked out some roads near by.  FYI- street view makes everything look flat.. HOLY CRAP this turned out to be the hilliest run of my life.. it was ROUGH.



See those mountain like hills in the background.. I accidentally ran up them… ouch.. my bootay is feeling it now!

I bought a new vega raspberry gu and it was so gross I chucked it and busted out my salted watermelon gu which I had at 20 and 40 minutes. At 60 I ate a fig newman and then 80 and 100 I had Honey Stingers Strawberry Lemonade chews.

I incorporated some short walk breaks here and there based on the, what seemed like, constant up hill battle!



It sure was pretty though.  I did learn to NEVER trust street view… I plan on finding some time to drive some back roads around here to scope out some flatter turf for the future!



I finished 13 miles in 2:20:10 with an average pace of 10:46..



next weekend.. FLAT TRAIL HERE I COME!

September 20, 2014

On Thursday morning I ran 7 miles. I struggled mainly with the enormous hills. I did run my regular 7 miler backwards so I was running more downhills then ups but there were still plenty of ups!



It is still one of my favorite local runs, very pretty and scenic :)






I had some kefir, water and coffee before my run and felt pretty good the whole time. I finished 7 miles in 1:12:06 with an average pace of 10:17. Certainly not my best pace but at least I felt pretty good!



I drank my Vega Bodacious Berry Protein shake while I took the dogs on a cool down walk :)

September 19, 2014
Wednesday morning was another EARLY one. I set my alarm for 5:00am it was just mentally too hard to set it for even 4:59 But soon I may have to get up in the 4′oclock hour to get morning runs in… yikes! Although it does make this whole getting up at 6 am on rest days thing a whole lot earlier.

Once I let my dogs out and fed them I chugged coffee, quickly changed and drove the 3 miles to downtown to run with the street lights, its still just way too scary to run on my DARK forrest road!

I had my headlamp to light the way.

I was also very surprised as to how many people are out at that hour.   I ran past many couples out on walks.. at 5:00am! cute?

I ran in one direction until the street lights ran out then I turned around. Once I got 3 miles in I ran 4X100 meter strides and jogged the reamainder until I hit 4 miles.

I finished the run in 37 ish minutes with an average pace of 9:24

I quickly drove home and managed to shower, dry and straighten my hair, get dressed and leave for work in 25 minutes. Impressive!

September 18, 2014

Tuesday morning I woke up to darkness, cold and drizzle. alright, I got this.  I made some coffee as running without it would be blasphemous. I got dressed and when I stepped outside it was still dark and cold ( in the 40′s) and it was now POURING.. yay..  challenge accepted. It’s been a while since I’ve run in the rain anyway ;)

Headlamp on, I hit the road. I ran out 3 miles and then I did 4×100 meter strides on a flatter part of my route. It poured the entire time, but I felt great :)  I ran home and it was finally getting light out.



Of course, the only time it rained all day was while I was running….

I finished 4 miles in 38:24 with an average pace of 9:35


September 16, 2014

Sunday morning I had a great 15 mile run. I felt great, I slept great and the weather was perfection! Cool, sunny and beautiful!

I drove to a local trail along the Delaware river, there are trails north and south on the NJ and PA sides. I decided to run north on one side and south along the other after crossing a bridge. It was nice to mix it up as I usually do out and backs on these trails.

I tested out a new pre workout drink that didnt taste amazing but I think I may incorporate it in future runs.

I felt great from the start, even having to slow myself down the first few miles. I fueled every 20 minutes as I think this is really helping me.

I got my hands on a few salted watermelon Gu’s and gave them a shot. I had half of one every 20 minutes until I had ate 2 packets then I ate a fig newman and finally I opened a package of pink lemonade honey stingers. YUM.

I had to run a section of the road for a few minutes and some reallly old dude on a motorcycle blew me a kiss, It made me laugh. I don’t know if it was my high pony tail, my beauty or my short shorts lol

I felt the distance in the last 4-5 miles but I felt great about continuing to run. I knew I would need to do some serious hip stretches when I finished.


I rocked the 15 miles in 2:27:24 which is about 12 minutes faster then I ran 15 miles last year and it was faster then I ran 14 miles last week!

I treated myself to a vegan chicken salad wrap afterwards :)


September 12, 2014

You reach a new level of dedication when you’re “excited” to wake up at 5 am to run. I have arrived HA

I set my alarm for 5 am and woke up at 4:58… talk about timing. I was shockingly not even that exhaused.

I had plans to run on my road but there are no side walks and street lights and it was DARK.  Scary dark. so I changed my plans and drove 2 miles into town where there was plenty of street lights.

I chugged my coffee and I was off.

Running in the dark is totally different. I had my head lamp on and some street lights but its just a different feeling. PLUS it was in the 50′s which was AMAZING!!!! :)



like my selfie? ;)

I ran 4 miles before 6 am. I finished in 39:45 with an average pace of 9:55



and then I got to watch the sun rise on my 2 minute drive home :)



Pretty awesome way to start the day.  Plus I have had awesome energy all day.. weird!

September 12, 2014

Thursday morning before work I ran 6 miles.  It was humid but not all that hot, I hope that heat wave is GONE until next year! I felt pretty good for most of the run which is nice, I think I am finally breaking through my rut! Hoooorayyyyy.

It straight up looked like fall out there!



I didn’t use any fuel or water on this run and I didn’t really need it BUT I did force myself to have something to “eat” before my run. The thought of food sounded horrible so I drank some Kefir ( a thin yogurt) which is yummy and I did notice and improvement in my energy just from not running on an empty stomach.

I ran 6 miles in about 59 minutes with a 9:52 average pace.

I am testing out a new protein powder to help me on my quest to consume, well, more protein obviously.



I first tried this with almond milk and It was.. horrible. Although it wasn’t my tried and true unsweetened vanilla blue diamond so that might have been part of the problem. I hated it! I tried it was ice cold water as recommended and while the first few sips were absolutely gross, it kind of started growing on me?  I am determined to give it a fair shot. I am currently trying to costume it after all or most runs :)

September 9, 2014


finally, it was in the 60s when I went on my run at 6:30 this morning

finally, I HAD A GOOD RUN!

After all the crappy runs lately I spoke with my brother in law who’s pretty much specializes in running marathons ;) and I asked him for some advice. He changed my plan around a bit which led me to todays run.

I incorporated some strides in my 3 mile run.

I ran 2 miles and then 4 x 100′ish meter strides and then jogged a little over a half a mile home.

It was really nice to have that break in the run to work on my speed a bit.

It was also nice that it was COOL and I got to watch the sun rise :)

Here’s to an awesome week in running and an awesome last 10 weeks of training until my SECOND MARATHON

I finished the distance today in 28:08 with an average pace of 9:22



It was dark when i started so I rocked my head lamp




September 7, 2014

When every run you do for weeks is crappy and just keeps getting crappier…. its SO discouraging! I am at the end of week 7 training to run this marathon and I cant seem to get past this!  I have been working HARD on getting enough sleep, eating more protein and less junk and all I get is another run where I feel AWFUL and my pace is so much slower then I know I am capable of.   I know part of this is the insane HEAT and HUMIDITY the end of August and early september has brought to us but I think theres more that I can’t figure out. It started before this heat wave but even on he RARE cooler morning I still feel crappy. I am battling some dehydration which I am trying to squash immediately.

Anyone else going through or have gone through this!? I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS RUT!

Yesterday morning my friend Sarah and I ran 14 horrible miles. We both took a huge hit. I felt pretty great the first 6-7 miles or so. I ran a bit slower hoping not to burn out in the heat. It didn’t work. I was DONE. I even ran off the trail at one point to a highway down the road just to find a gas station to buy water and Gatorade. ALL I could think about was cold water. My camel bak was hot and I was PARCHED.   Luckily I didn’t have to go to far out of my way to find it.



I found Sarah and we dumped a lot of that water on our heads and chugged some Gatorade, which was a mistake because I got a stomach ache and cramp. I was just SO thirsty!

I fueled up every 20 minutes which has been working for me.



This flavor was OK.

I had fruit punch sports beans at 20 minutes which taste like starburst jelly beans. YUM

minutes 40-60 and 80 I sucked on the gel above. Then at 100 I ate a fig newman and then my stomach refused to take in anything else. I should have forced it but with the heat I really thought I might throw up :(

By mile 10 I wanted to lay down and die. I know I can be dramatic but really. I couldn’t even imagine finishing. It was SO HOT and the humidity was like running through a steamer. The last 3 miles I had to do run walk intervals to even continue moving forward.







That picture captures it ALL.

And don’t let this one fool you, we weren’t happy but we were happy it was OVER.



I painstakingly finished this run in 2:36:09 with an average pace of 11:09. crap.




I NEED this week and next weekends long run to be BETTER!!!!