A picture-less post

Running is a HUGE stress reliever for me……. as well as yoga!

I have certainly not been skimping on my running but recently I have decided I need MORE yoga back in my life. I did an at home dvd over the weekend, I went to a class last night and today, I re- discovered yogadownload.com

Last time I tried yogadownload.com I didn’t know many or ANY of the poses and I couldn’t get into it.  Now that I have been to MANY classes and have fallen in love with yoga and learned MANY of the poses over the past year, I realized how AWESOME yogadownload.com is!

I love that I could pay a small fee for a long class or take many many of the free classes at home at my convenience!

I am going to aim to incorporate yoga in my life every day or most, whenever possible!

My day went a little something like this:

Woke up after 5.5 hours of sleep… BOOOOOOO

worked a 10.25 hour shift

came home and worked on the guest room with Scott, which we have been renovating (were so close to finishing! I can’t wait to share that with you soon!)

FINALLY ate dinner at 8:00pm

20 minute warming power flow on yogadownload.com

Felt SO MUCH more at peace and calm post savasana! WOOP!

now its time to finally sit and relax before catching one ZZZZZZ’s!


Yoga lovers: What is your FAVORITE yoga pose :)


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What I Ate Wednesday On Sunday

HAPPY WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY! I have been really LOVING my eats lately, here is a look into Sundays feast.



Breakfast: Pre 12 mile Peanut butter and butterscotch chips tortilla!

Lunch: That ENTIRE 8 inch pizza of deliciousness with broccoli rabe,  Mushrooms and onions!

Snackage: STROLLOS SOFT SERVE ITALIAN ICE- pictashio and peanut butter, best combo EVER!

Dinner: Veggie burger with chedda and avocado!



Sarah and I had a sweet beachy boardwalk long run… 12 miles of sunshine which lead to sunburn.. damn it!  I felt speedy!



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Saturday eats and moves


Breakfast: honey nut o’s with almond milk and strawberries

Lunch: pita pocket, cheddar cheese, raw tofu, spinach and avocado

Dinner: tortilla roll ups but I substituted the sour cream for Greek yogurt and used Greek yogurt cream cheese with extra salsa and spinach wraps!

Snack: dark chocolate almonds with almond milk

+ 34 minutes of at home power yoga!

Happy Saturday all!

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The Love Run- Half Marathon Race Recap

Last weekend I ran my 8th Half Marathon AND it now holds the spot of my NEW PR!


My friend Sarah and I went down to Philly on Saturday so we could hit up the Expo and get ours goods. It was a small semi disappointing expo but we still managed to score a free chair massage. Afterwards we hit up Reading Terminal Market for lunch.. It was freezing, windy and cold so we hunkered up in the hotel the rest of the night, even being lazy enough to order room service for dinner ;)



We ended up going to bed super early and got about 8 hours of sleep before waking up for the race! Thats unheard of for me. When we woke up I was wide awake and READY!



It was a GROSSSSSSS day! It was drizzling with expected rain at any minute when we left the hotel to walk over to the start. Within minutes it was pouring, good thing we had ponchos!



The race started at 8 and I was ready.  I had no intention of time I just wanted to get out there and RUN! Sarah and I were together until sometime before mile 3 and then split to run our own paces.


I stopped at each water station to take a sip.  I have found that early on I usually DO NOT want the water but I am better off in the end if I drink it anyway :)

I had Gu chomps and Sports beans 2-3 times through the race. I ran the ENTIRE thing with my poncho on and it was kind of fun! The rain got light at times and then POURED on us.. I enjoyed it. Theres something kind of awesome about running in the pouring rain with thousands of other runners!



Around mile 10 I was feeling AWESOME, I realized my current pace was REALLY close to my PR from last spring so I went for it, I started picking up the pace and still felt great, then as my time increased I thought, I’m not going to come close, I am going to BEAT IT!

Rain is apparently my secret weapon!


I really sprinted that last .1 When I crossed the finish line and looked down at my watch I was SO PLEASED!!!! I immediately texted my husband about my PR and couldn’t stop smiling!!



HELLO THERE! Thats about a minute and a half shaved off my old PR! I can’t wait to bring this time EVEN LOWER, I now have my sights set on a sub 2:00 hour half one of these days!! :)

I went through the finisher shoot, got my water and snacks and ran over to the finish line to catch Sarah! By the time she crossed I was an ice cube, I hadn’t been running for a few minutes and it was freezing out and I WAS SOAKED!

Yay for finish line hot chocolate!!





We booked it back to the hotel so we could get warm and head to brunch! :)

This past winter really trained me physically and mentally.  I now think running in the cold and rain is no big deal and even kind of fun!


Next weekend Sarah and I will be running another local half, The Rutgers Unite half, which I PR’ed in last spring! BRING IT!!



Some Stolen “official pics”

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.17.07 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.16.53 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.17.13 AM

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Please help me reach my goal


Please help me reach my goal and consider making a donation, no amount is too big OR TOO SMALL!


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Its been cold and RAINY for days. Today I wore my flowers to embody spring and pray for warmth and sunshine ahead!


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This is so REAL!

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Nuun fueled

Monday: 3 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Saturday: 12 miles- fueled by nuun, gu chomps and sports beans!

Anyone else a nuun fan??? My favorite so far is cherry limeaid and watermelon!

I usually run 4 days a week but since last weekend I ran 11 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday, I took an extra day off during the week.

One week until my 8th half marathon :)

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Flour & Sugar

7$ at home goods!



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Weekend eats and festivities

Saturday eats:

Pre 11 mile run I had a piece of toast with PB and apple

I had a tough run but made it through

When I got back I made a protein smoothie ( almond milk, vega sport protein powder, spinach and frozen berries)
I went to my friends daughters 2nd birthday party. I feasted on cheese sandwiches and sangria! YUM


Sunday eats:

Breakfast was another smoothie of the same from Saturday. I drove up to north jersey for a 10k with soles mates but I’ll talk more about that in another post!

Afterwards I went to my friends house up there for the day. I was starvinggggg by then so I grabbed a salad at salad works. Mixed greens with tofu, olives, apples, Swiss cheese and green peppers with a wheat roll and green goddess dressing! Yuuuum
For dinner she made us a delicious veggie pizza with zucchini and onions. The side salad had goat cheese, walnuts and dried cranberries.. Sooo good!
When I got home I figured since I’d run 19 miles over the weekend I would treat myself to some delish gelato and chocolate chips!

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