July 31, 2014

My final vacation run.. Boo! After waking up and sipping on 2 cups of coffee, I hit the streets. It was breezy and a nice temperature for running. I decided early on I wanted to keep this run slower and just enjoy my surroundings. I had to slow myself down! I was running 9 minute miles and wanted to bring it down closer to 9:30 pace. I ran down the boardwalk and past the lake again but ended up with the faster overall pace. It’s so amazing to me that I ran leisurely not trying to push and was close to an 8 something minute mile! I love progress!! I think daily hills is really helping!
I finished 3 miles in 27:20 with an average pace of 9:06.

I felt great when I finished.

Luckily it was a beautiful day so I got to spend the day on the beach :)
I love vacation I never want it to end!


July 29, 2014

I didn’t sleep very well last night so around 5 am I decided if I was still up at 530 I was going to walk over to the beach to catch the sunrise. I was still awake…. I grabbed a hoodie, blanket and camera and walked across the street to the sand. It was gorgeous and made me wish I had this opportunity more often.



I felt so happy and awake sitting there starting my day. A coffee and some company would have been nice as well.
I walked back to the house shortly after the sun rose and managed another hour or two of sleep.

When I did finally get up I had 2 cups of joe then set out for 3 miles.
I planned to leisurely run down to the boardwalk and back. When I glanced down at my watch I was running under 9 minute miles and I was really pleased. Thankfully it was cooler out then yesterday which made it easier.
I finished my run in 25: 30 which is an 8:30 average pace.

I was pretty happy with the run overall. I’m really loving the scenery change!


July 28, 2014

Vacation running is the best! It’s so nice to change up the scenery :) it’s also pretty awesome being a block from the beach and running across the street and you’re on the sand.

I looked up the temperature before I stepped outside, it said 77 so I figured it would be cooler out. Wrong! A beach 77 is way different from a shady woods 77. It was boiling hot the first step I took.
I ran out a little over a mile on the sand then hoped on the boardwalk.

I was pretty beat by 4 miles. The sun kinda kicked my ass.
I was dying for water!

I ran 5 miles in 48:29 with an average pace of 9:41.

Not a bad kickoff to the second week of training! I’m looking forward to the rest of my beach runs this week!

July 24, 2014

This morning before work I did my first long run of training. I usually do this on Saturday but I wont be able to so I knocked it out early :)

I woke up early to hook up to my caffeine IV aka my keurig.

I FORCED myself to eat a banana before I took off. I was not hungry AT ALL but I knew I would need something in my stomach.

Thankfully it was still COOL out when I left. Somewhere in the 60′s. Unfortunately I woke up really tight and sore despite my stretching and foam rolling last night so I started out with pretty heavy legs and my first mile ended up being my slowest mile.

I ran my usual 8 mile add on route. The sun was out but it wasn’t beating down on me just yet.

I listened to my audio book, which is a solo long run favorite of mine. I am currently listening to “4th of July” by James Patterson… beach “read”? :P

at 3 miles I ate a GU chomp and a few sports beans. At mile 6 I had planned to eat a fig newton in attempts to add some real food into my fueling. Apparently I dropped it or left it at home though so I just ended up eating some more sports beans. I also sipped from my camelbak the whole time.

My legs did eventually loosen up a bit.

I finished 8 miles in 1:18:46 with an average pace of 9:50

I was mucho sweaty!

I cooled down with a 2 mile walk with my babies and then rushed to get ready for work!

When I got to work I enjoyed this beautiful salad pizza with my coworker.


July 23, 2014

Wednesday are ALWAYS rest days for me and I really like it that way… HOWEVER, I am changing around my whole weeks training as I am super busy on friday and I leave for vacation on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to run on vacation and I WILL but I would like to just relax on the beach and sleep in my first 2 days there sooo i’m packing in the miles before hand.

Today I took on 3 miles again. My legs were sore’s and heavy from yesterday ROCKIN RUN so I just kinda let me body go at whatever pace. I didn’t look down at my watch until the 1 mile mark and realized I was going faster then I thought for how I felt. I was maintaining a standard for me of about 9.5 min miles.

It was crazy hot today and I needed to get my run in earlier then later as thunderstorms are predicted to roll in soon so I braved the heat and humidity and did the damn thing. I sweat my tooshy off, I hope literally! ;)



I finished 3 miles in 28:40 with an average pace of 9:33






I need to get Saturdays long run in tomorrow before work, so tonight I need to spend some time stretching and foam rolling!

Happy Hump Day!

hump day

July 23, 2014

Every once in a while I eat a bunch of yummy and mostly photogenic food in one day. Saturday was one of those days.

Breakfast: Frozen strawberries, fresh cut watermelon, basil from my garden and lime juice from a fresh lime, tossed in a blender. I’m not big on measuring so I just sort of eyeballed it.

IMG_4626 IMG_4627


Lunch: Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich from whole foods, which always rocks my world.



Dinner: Tortilla filled with black beans, guacamole, fresh salsa and plain chobani with a side of chips and queso.



Snack: multiple scoops of cookies and cream deliciousness.



all in all, it was a delicious day.

Quick game: If you could choose 3 foods to live off of what would they be.

Currently this is no problem for me… BREAD, CHEESE and ICE CREAM. :)

July 22, 2014

Today I ran a 3 mile PR!!!! ahhhh i’m still riding my little high ;)

I went out to run some speed intervals in the heat of the afternoon.

I just never stopped the speed part, I WENT HARD!

The first mile was actually very attainable, I was breathing ok, I wasn’t grunting .. YET. I ran the first 2 mile in about a 7:37 average. Which is the fastest I have EVER run 2 miles. The last mile had some hills so I jogged up the hills but gave it my all on the flatter parts.

I made A LOT of noise so I was happy to have the road to myself.

I even spit on myself.

It was NOT easy but I WANTED IT!

I finished in 23:33 and I wanted to die, I thought I was actually going to fall over and die.  I didn’t.. :)




Real Life.



Make every run count, right?



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July 21, 2014

Today I began training for my second marathon. Coincidentally ill be running the same marathon as my first, The Philadelphia Marathon but this time I’m going into it a bit smarter then last year.
I will be following the same training plan as last year. Hal Higdon’s Novice 2. I will also be flipping all Mondays and Wednesday to fit my work schedule.

When I get out for my run it was a gorgeous 66 degrees and sunny. Perfect.
I felt great and kept it at an easy pace throughout the run.

I finished in 47:29 with an average pace of 9:29

I looked up my run from the first day of training last July. This last year has done wonders for my pace! My easy pace went from mid to high 10 minute mile to 9:30 :)

I followed up my run with a perfect caffeine cherry limeade nuun mmmmmmmmm

I am READY for Day 2!


July 20, 2014



Popsicle Mold

Fresh Fruit ( in this case, watermelon, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry)

Fill with coconut water





July 19, 2014





While I was out, kiya managed to get the lid off of the peanut butter jar and eat all the peanut butter. She must get that from her mama,me.