October 30, 2014

My hip is feeling a bit better… hopefully I am finally on the road to healing!! (KNOCK ON WOOD)  I decided I didn’t want to over to it this week so I wanted to swap a run day for a bike day. Tuesday made the most sense. After work I coached GOTR then I had a free personal training session at my new gym.

The trainer set me up with a whole 35ish minute strength routine for my entire body but focusing on strengthening my hip! It kind of kicked my ass and I am still sore! When I got back from the gym I biked on my indoor trainer for 50 minutes while watching The Voice!

I did a 10 minute warm up

intervals: 2 hard 2 easy and repeat

10 minute cool down

Hoping for some good painless run the rest of the week! :)

October 27, 2014

Sunday morning I ran the perfect 10 miler race. Its local which is AWESOME! I stretched, I ice bathed, I warmed up, I was as ready as I could be. I had zero intention to PR or even go near my normal pace, I needed to test out the distance and the hip pain. I ran the whole thing with my best friend.

I am happy to say its getting better! The first mile I had zero pain, we ran up a small hill and then I felt a twinge in my hip from about miles 2-4.  it got a little more annoying until about mile 5 then it slowly started going away. BY mile 8 I was back to no pain! HOORAY! We still kept it slow.  I didn’t want to over do it I just wanted to finish without making my hip worse! We finished 10 miles in 1:51:15 with an average pace of 11:12. While thats no where near my normal pace, I DID IT!! woooot. I stretch and ice bathed again and really didn’t feel to bad the rest of the day! :) There are 4 weeks until this marathon and I’m hoping the next 2 weeks I can get some good training in, without over doing it and shorten my taper by a week since I’ve had to cut back so much this past month! :)


October 27, 2014

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 93

I have some updates. I had a hip flair last Sunday into Monday. Simply enough, I over did it last weekend. I’ve finally started feeling how I was the week before. On Tuesday I got a hip x Ray. It showed no abnormalities, fractures or breaks. Good first step. I saw an Orthopedist on wed. He didn’t say very much

October 20, 2014


Sunday morning my training plan called for 19 miles. I’m really sad that I didn’t get to even pretend to try and run that distance. Since I’m still dealing with hip pain and still freaking out about it, I planned a 9 mile run. This may or may not have been a good idea but I’m stubborn and determined, both a good and a bad thing. It bothered me almost the whole run :( I felt better around mile 7 and felt fine when I finished.


I decided it was a “good” idea to head to the pool and Aqua jog for an hour. It was kinda fun My legs felt a little jello-y when I was done. I showered and took an ice bath. When I got out I knew I had pushed way to hard. My hip hurt! It was painful to take regular steps and hurts when I moved around sitting. Ugh why did Ido this to myself! I just want to run so bad :/


I did feel a bit better this morning. I took Advil I’ve been stretching and I took an ice bath. I hope i didn’t set myself back to far! Ill probably scale it back this week and pray! 5 weeks until I have to rock this marathon :O


October 20, 2014


Friday was BUSY! I made time to get my run in after work but before Girls on the Run. I aimed for 4 miles but based on time I only made it 3.5… it’ll do.

MY PT has been having my use Kinesio Tape on my hip but asked me to try and run without it. While I was actually able to speed up I felt awkward and running was HARD!! I think the Kinesio tape is really helping so I am going to continue using it for now.

I was sore after my run but I also didn’t get a chance to ice it.

I plan on running again tomorrow (technical long run) I was SUPPOSE to be up to 19 which I was really excited about but I can’t do that yet. The longer I run the better I feel but my brother in law ( an incredibly fast and experienced marathon runner) says not to run too far yet. UGHH such a struggle. INJURIES SUCK! I am considering running a medium distance and then going to the pool and aqua jogging for a little longer…? ill figure it out!

October 18, 2014


Wednesday Morning my alarm was set for 4:45 am. Wednesday Morning just so happened to be my 30th birthday.

It didn’t go well. I had the beginnings of a migraine on tuesday night, I woke up at 3am and took medicine. When my alarm went off I was delirious so I guess I thought I could run. I was right in the sense I could technically run but I felt AWFUL! Great way to start a  new decade right? I prefer to call it dedication…

It was unusually hot which made it even harder. My hip pain is definetly decreasing though! I managed to get in 4 miles in the dark before everything fell apart. Mind you they were the slowest miles I’ve run in a LONG TIME but they were miles none the less.

The rest of my birthday was pretty much wiped out due to one of the worst migraines I have EVER had. awful. Everyone was wonderful but I just couldn’t enjoy it! Good thing tonight I get to celebrate AGAIN!

Cheers to my 30s getting better then they started AND an awesome run later today!

October 17, 2014


This morning was the first morning in 2 weeks where I was able to walk around normal speed when I first woke up. Im usually stiff and it’s painful each step until I warm up. I took this as a good sign. I had coffee then stretched and walked for 10 minutes. I was surprised at how HARD it was to run! My body was just refusing to listen! I wouldn’t say it was painful but it was certainly stiff and annoying!!! I started worrying because I can’t help myself but I kept going. I decided to try 4 miles. My goal was between 3-5. Thankfully by 3 miles I felt pretty good and normal and picked it up slightly. I probably could have run the 5 with no problem. I guess it really is taking me at least 30 minutes to get into a normal groove. I can’t complain though, because even though it’s slow… I’m running! My main goal this week is to get all 4 training runs in! Here’s to my next run being even better!!!

October 12, 2014


OK SO, last time I checked in I had FINALLY attempted running. While I ran 3 OK miles and I WAS happy about it, the rest of the day I was in PAIN, I was limping and every step hurt and I freaked out. If that was going to happen after 3 miles I wasn’t feeling very optimistic. WELL. I decided I was beginning a Daily Ice bath challenge. I think its really working! I took an ice bath that night and Friday I had my best day in 2 weeks. I was barely in pain and walking DID NOT HURT! I ice bathed AGAIN on friday night in preparation for my attempt at a long run this morning.


SUCCESS. YES! I took it SLOOWWWW, almost painfully so. I wouldn’t say I was in PAIN but I was sore’ish and felt a little awkward. I was AIMING and would be happy with anything between 5 and 9 miles.

WELL, I rocked out 8 and could have kept going! By the 7th mile I was NORMAL and great and picked up the pace a SMALL AMOUNT.  I am trying really hard not to over do it!

I tested out the Salted Caramel Gu and LOVED IT! Allll over it baby!


I was worried I would be in pain today so I took another ice bath right after my run and I’ve been pretty great all day!! Don’t get me wrong the “pain”stiffness and soreness is still hiding beneath the surface when i move wrong or I’m on my feet too long but I am FINALLY seeing real improvement!


Hoping I can bang out 4 days of training this week and start getting back on track!!!

October 11, 2014



I RANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! Yesterday My PT Ok’ed to to try 3-5 miles this morning! I Was really nervous but he said to expect some soreness and the possibility of a little pain. I decided to set a goal of 2-3 miles so I didn’t push myself too much too fast.


I stretched for 10 minutes then took a 10 minute walk then it was time. I said a little prayer and started running. I DID IT! I was a little sore with mild discomfort. I had to really force myself to SLOW DOWN. I was aiming for somewhere around an 11 min mile which is 1-2 minutes per mile slower then most of my runs. I pretty much nailed that on the head with a 10:57 average pace. I could have kept going but I stopped.


I walked for 10 more minutes, stretched again and now I’m plopped on the  couch icing and typing. As you can see above I did a little victory dance when I finished ;) I haven’t planned how ill change my miles around to ease back into training but Ill do it.. IM ON MY WAY BACK! :)



October 8, 2014


6:00AM bike ride while watching the voice. My PT said NO to running yet… sad face. In reality I know I’m not ready physically but MAN am I ready mentally!

I had to spice up my indoor ride so I did some intervals.

10 minute warm up

3 minutes hard

3 minutes light

and repeat until 50 minutes

10 minutes cool down.

I have been googling my butt of all day about my injury an of course Ive seen horrible things about not running for months, stress fractures etc. SO I am freaking out and really trying to stay positive! I could use some help! I need to relax, take it day by day and do everything in my power to get better faster.

See ya soon.