October 20, 2014


Sunday morning my training plan called for 19 miles. I’m really sad that I didn’t get to even pretend to try and run that distance. Since I’m still dealing with hip pain and still freaking out about it, I planned a 9 mile run. This may or may not have been a good idea but I’m stubborn and determined, both a good and a bad thing. It bothered me almost the whole run :( I felt better around mile 7 and felt fine when I finished.


I decided it was a “good” idea to head to the pool and Aqua jog for an hour. It was kinda fun My legs felt a little jello-y when I was done. I showered and took an ice bath. When I got out I knew I had pushed way to hard. My hip hurt! It was painful to take regular steps and hurts when I moved around sitting. Ugh why did Ido this to myself! I just want to run so bad :/


I did feel a bit better this morning. I took Advil I’ve been stretching and I took an ice bath. I hope i didn’t set myself back to far! Ill probably scale it back this week and pray! 5 weeks until I have to rock this marathon :O


October 20, 2014


Friday was BUSY! I made time to get my run in after work but before Girls on the Run. I aimed for 4 miles but based on time I only made it 3.5… it’ll do.

MY PT has been having my use Kinesio Tape on my hip but asked me to try and run without it. While I was actually able to speed up I felt awkward and running was HARD!! I think the Kinesio tape is really helping so I am going to continue using it for now.

I was sore after my run but I also didn’t get a chance to ice it.

I plan on running again tomorrow (technical long run) I was SUPPOSE to be up to 19 which I was really excited about but I can’t do that yet. The longer I run the better I feel but my brother in law ( an incredibly fast and experienced marathon runner) says not to run too far yet. UGHH such a struggle. INJURIES SUCK! I am considering running a medium distance and then going to the pool and aqua jogging for a little longer…? ill figure it out!

October 18, 2014


Wednesday Morning my alarm was set for 4:45 am. Wednesday Morning just so happened to be my 30th birthday.

It didn’t go well. I had the beginnings of a migraine on tuesday night, I woke up at 3am and took medicine. When my alarm went off I was delirious so I guess I thought I could run. I was right in the sense I could technically run but I felt AWFUL! Great way to start a  new decade right? I prefer to call it dedication…

It was unusually hot which made it even harder. My hip pain is definetly decreasing though! I managed to get in 4 miles in the dark before everything fell apart. Mind you they were the slowest miles I’ve run in a LONG TIME but they were miles none the less.

The rest of my birthday was pretty much wiped out due to one of the worst migraines I have EVER had. awful. Everyone was wonderful but I just couldn’t enjoy it! Good thing tonight I get to celebrate AGAIN!

Cheers to my 30s getting better then they started AND an awesome run later today!

October 17, 2014


This morning was the first morning in 2 weeks where I was able to walk around normal speed when I first woke up. Im usually stiff and it’s painful each step until I warm up. I took this as a good sign. I had coffee then stretched and walked for 10 minutes. I was surprised at how HARD it was to run! My body was just refusing to listen! I wouldn’t say it was painful but it was certainly stiff and annoying!!! I started worrying because I can’t help myself but I kept going. I decided to try 4 miles. My goal was between 3-5. Thankfully by 3 miles I felt pretty good and normal and picked it up slightly. I probably could have run the 5 with no problem. I guess it really is taking me at least 30 minutes to get into a normal groove. I can’t complain though, because even though it’s slow… I’m running! My main goal this week is to get all 4 training runs in! Here’s to my next run being even better!!!

October 12, 2014


OK SO, last time I checked in I had FINALLY attempted running. While I ran 3 OK miles and I WAS happy about it, the rest of the day I was in PAIN, I was limping and every step hurt and I freaked out. If that was going to happen after 3 miles I wasn’t feeling very optimistic. WELL. I decided I was beginning a Daily Ice bath challenge. I think its really working! I took an ice bath that night and Friday I had my best day in 2 weeks. I was barely in pain and walking DID NOT HURT! I ice bathed AGAIN on friday night in preparation for my attempt at a long run this morning.


SUCCESS. YES! I took it SLOOWWWW, almost painfully so. I wouldn’t say I was in PAIN but I was sore’ish and felt a little awkward. I was AIMING and would be happy with anything between 5 and 9 miles.

WELL, I rocked out 8 and could have kept going! By the 7th mile I was NORMAL and great and picked up the pace a SMALL AMOUNT.  I am trying really hard not to over do it!

I tested out the Salted Caramel Gu and LOVED IT! Allll over it baby!


I was worried I would be in pain today so I took another ice bath right after my run and I’ve been pretty great all day!! Don’t get me wrong the “pain”stiffness and soreness is still hiding beneath the surface when i move wrong or I’m on my feet too long but I am FINALLY seeing real improvement!


Hoping I can bang out 4 days of training this week and start getting back on track!!!

October 11, 2014



I RANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! Yesterday My PT Ok’ed to to try 3-5 miles this morning! I Was really nervous but he said to expect some soreness and the possibility of a little pain. I decided to set a goal of 2-3 miles so I didn’t push myself too much too fast.


I stretched for 10 minutes then took a 10 minute walk then it was time. I said a little prayer and started running. I DID IT! I was a little sore with mild discomfort. I had to really force myself to SLOW DOWN. I was aiming for somewhere around an 11 min mile which is 1-2 minutes per mile slower then most of my runs. I pretty much nailed that on the head with a 10:57 average pace. I could have kept going but I stopped.


I walked for 10 more minutes, stretched again and now I’m plopped on the  couch icing and typing. As you can see above I did a little victory dance when I finished ;) I haven’t planned how ill change my miles around to ease back into training but Ill do it.. IM ON MY WAY BACK! :)



October 8, 2014


6:00AM bike ride while watching the voice. My PT said NO to running yet… sad face. In reality I know I’m not ready physically but MAN am I ready mentally!

I had to spice up my indoor ride so I did some intervals.

10 minute warm up

3 minutes hard

3 minutes light

and repeat until 50 minutes

10 minutes cool down.

I have been googling my butt of all day about my injury an of course Ive seen horrible things about not running for months, stress fractures etc. SO I am freaking out and really trying to stay positive! I could use some help! I need to relax, take it day by day and do everything in my power to get better faster.

See ya soon.

October 8, 2014


Hi from “Injury Sucks World” I am still trying desperately to maintain a positive attitude about this hip nonsense but its really starting to effect me. Sunday I took to the trails, unfortunately I was on wheels not my own 2 feet BUT I am at least grateful biking is an option!

I rode 14 sunset miles with a friend and called it a day.

Positive thoughts please :)

October 7, 2014


I woke up at 5am on friday morning to bike. I planned anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Minutes after getting on the bike I felt AWFUL! My stomach was cramping, I was sweating and and felt nauseous. I somehow made it to 30 minutes before giving it in, sitting on the couch and icing my hip. It was awful but faded over the next few hours. I got more PT and some work from my chiro today and got taped which does seem to be making a difference! I actually cleaned the house walking and moving at normal speeds! VICTORY! I know I can’t run this weekend, which I finally accepted. I am trading in my 18 mile long run for a longish outdoor bike ride… I would REALLY like to run at least a couple of miles on tuesday! FINGERS CROSSED FOR IMPROVEMENT!!!!

October 4, 2014

IMG_5383 IMG_5384

I’m officially not running, hopefully for a very short time frame!!

Luckily, in situations like this I happen to work in the right place, a physical therapy/ chiropractic office! On Wednesday I had all 3 Drs. working on me to figure out what was going on. They diagnosed the pain as iliopsoas bursitis, which is basically inflammation of a deep muscle next to hip/groin. I told them I NEED to get back to running ASAP soo they’re taking the sports medicine approach to get me back. So, for now I’m resting… Kind of.. Stretching, icing, massage and active release which is super painful!!
I was cleared to bike so I hoped on the indoor trainer for an hour before work on Thursday morning. So much less satisfying but I’ll take what I can get for now! Praying I’m back to running next week!!!